Aluminum pergolas

Aluminium pergolas and shelters

Maintenance-free aluminium pergolas are perfectly suited for moments of relaxation and fun with friends. Their modern look makes them suitable for any garden. They can be used as a carport or to cover a small garden pool or hot tub

Selected modular aluminium pergolas can be self-assembled. In addition, they have a long service life. Modern aluminium garden pergolas are made to order in any colour scheme. They can be roofed with polycarbonate or safety glass. Both materials offer an attractive appearance and outstanding mechanical properties.

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POLLARD aluminum pergolaPOLLARD aluminum pergolaAluminum pergola with polycarbonate, quality construction and effective UV filterPrice from: 1 978 GBP3 410 GBPPOLLUX Vestibule Roofing with Glass, the 2022 ModelPOLLUX Vestibule Roofing with Glass, the 2022 ModelSafety glass roofing, our own production, completely customised solutionPrice from: 2 805 GBP5 610 GBPSOLAR ENERGO Aluminium Pergola with Photovoltaic - ConnectedSOLAR ENERGO Aluminium Pergola with Photovoltaic - ConnectedAluminum pergola with safety glass and photovoltaic panelsPrice from: 14 180 GBP28 359 GBPPOLLARD corner aluminium pergola with polycarbonatePOLLARD corner aluminium pergola with polycarbonateAluminium pergola with polycarbonate, high-quality structure, effective UV filterPrice from: 5 506 GBP9 524 GBPPOLLUX Corner Aluminium Pergola with Glass, the 2022 ModelPOLLUX Corner Aluminium Pergola with Glass, the 2022 ModelSafety glass roofing, aluminium structure, elegant appearancePrice from: 5 506 GBP9 524 GBPHAWAII 40 CUBO aluminum pergolaHAWAII 40 CUBO aluminum pergolaModern design aluminum pergola, option of adding glass wallsPrice from: 5 944 GBP9 434 GBPHAWAII 40 PURE aluminum pergolaHAWAII 40 PURE aluminum pergolaQuality aluminum pergola for demanding customers, Swiss qualityPrice from: 3 519 GBP5 585 GBPPOLLARD vestibule roofingPOLLARD vestibule roofingModern polycarbonate, UV filter, different colour of the pergola, thermal insulationPrice from: 1 798 GBP3 100 GBPPOLLUX Vestibule Roofing with Glass, the 2022 ModelPOLLUX Vestibule Roofing with Glass, the 2022 ModelSafety glass roofing, our own production, completely customised solutionPrice from: 1 978 GBP3 410 GBPREGULUS bioclimatic pergolaREGULUS bioclimatic pergolaBioclimatic pergola, rotating lamellas, automatic control, affordable pricePrice from: 6 518 GBP8 147 GBPPOLLARD balcony roofingPOLLARD balcony roofingCustom-made product, UV filter, high resistance, maintenance-freePrice from: 1 978 GBP3 410 GBPPOLLARD House-Attached Carport, the 2022 ModelPOLLARD House-Attached Carport, the 2022 ModelAluminium structure, anchoring to the house, polycarbonate roofing, long service lifePrice from: 1 978 GBP3 410 GBPPJR aluminum pergolaPJR aluminum pergolaJapanese quality aluminum pergola with shielding, certified materialPrice from: 2 103 GBP2 662 GBPPJF aluminum pergolaPJF aluminum pergolaAluminum pergola for multifunctional use, 10-year warranty, easy maintenance and high durabilityPrice from: 3 204 GBP4 930 GBPPOLLARD aluminum pergolaPOLLARD aluminum pergolaAluminum pergola with polycarbonate, quality construction and effective UV filterPrice from: 4 085 GBP7 043 GBPTERRADO aluminum pergola with rolling shieldTERRADO aluminum pergola with rolling shieldGlazed aluminum pergola of premium quality, original designPrice from: 6 596 GBPPJR terrace roofingPJR terrace roofingAluminum pergola with UV filter, insulating properties, multifunctional usePrice from: 3 204 GBP4 930 GBPSOLAR ENERGO Carport with a Photovoltaic System - ConnectedSOLAR ENERGO Carport with a Photovoltaic System - ConnectedPhotovoltaic system connected to the distribution grid, effective shading for the vehicle Price from: 12 572 GBP25 143 GBPPOLLEX self-supporting aluminum pergolaPOLLEX self-supporting aluminum pergolaElegant aluminum pergola of our own production, with no need of anchoringPrice from: 2 603 GBP4 131 GBPPOLLARD XXL aluminum pergolaPOLLARD XXL aluminum pergolaRobust aluminum pergola, own production, UV filter coating, polycarbonatePrice from: 4 084 GBP7 040 GBP

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Technical Specifications

The aluminum pergola is gradually becoming a common standard in the Czech gardens. State-of-art technology is used in production to ensure maximum construction quality. The wide variety includes an inexhaustible number of types. These can differ in color shade, frame shape, or final appearance. The basic difference is in the type of roofing.

Polycarbonate roofing is an increasingly popular solution. It is a thermoplastic material now commony used. It is particularly good for its thermal stability, durability, transparency, and clarity. Its UV filter can handle strong sunlight. It can also handle snow with a load capacity from 60 to 150 kg / m².

Another option is a well known glass option. Its design will architecturally enrich a house and optically enlarge the whole space. It is supplied in a 2-layer glued version. In the event of damage, the material breaks into fragments with smooth, safe edges.

The dimensions of the aluminum pergola can be chosen from a length from 200 cm up to 600 cm with a depth from 250 cm to 750 cm. You will find possible design variations in our price list. For an additional fee of 15% of the total price, you can choose any color shade based on your preference.

  • Variability in its design
  • Elegant design
  • Multifunctional use 
  • Custom-made solutions 
  • Choice of color design

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