Own production Hobbytec

In our production plant in Říčany near Prague, we concentrate on the production of aluminium garden constructions to meet the requirements of our clients as much as possible. As a result, we can design completely tailor-made variations in terms of dimensions, colour shade and atypical design of the structure. We emphasize the highest quality aluminium material processing.

Expansion of the production plant

With the increasing demand for our products, we have decided to significantly expand our production capacity. Currently, our plant covers an area of 5,000 m². At the same time, we have strengthened our team with additional members, including assembly workers. We can deliver our goods to the whole of the Czech Republic. Soon, we plan to include other aluminium products in our production.

Our own production has undergone significant changes

To improve the quality of each product and increase production capacity, we have significantly expanded the production equipment by adding new CNC machines. Thus, we can make the entire production process of the aluminium garden constructions more efficient. At the same time, it allows us to expand our offer, especially in atypical dimensions and shapes. The customised production is pushing its boundaries. Imagination knows no limits when planning your own conservatory, pergola or carport. We have boosted our production with new CNC machines, take a look at an example of their work.

We have boosted our production with new CNC machines, take a look at an example of their work.

Production of aluminium garden constructions

We are the market leader in the production of garden constructions in the Czech Republic. We concentrate on the customer's wishes, and as a result, we can produce completely tailor-made variants. Each of our products is characterised by its high-quality workmanship, modern appearance and easy maintenance. Our production is based on anodised aluminium. It can withstand harsh weather and retain its shine for many years.

First of all, we specialise in the production of:

Visit us and ask for advice

Visit our showroom centres in Říčany u Prahy and Brno. We have prepared a comprehensive range of garden constructions covering an area of 10,500 m². You can explore their features and quality workmanship. One of our experts will be with you throughout the whole time to discuss your wishes and ideas. Together, you will always find the right solution. From there, it is only a step to production.

Take a look at our production plant in Říčany near Prague

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ShowroomThe largest showroom in the Czech Republic

Come see for yourself

Visit one of the largest show centers in the Czech Republic - Říčany near Prague and Holubice near Brno and choose from dozens of products.

You can expect to see:

  • The total floor space of all our showrooms together is 10 500 m2
  • A team of specialized sellers will help you
  • 58 exhibited products

HobbytecA Family Corporation

  • We perceive satisfied customers and high-quality products that would bring them joy and benefit as our first priority.

    We offer installation of our products throughout Europe.
  • Design, Quality, Price

    Our products combine timeless workmanship, high-quality materials, and an unmatched price on the market.

    Currently, we are building showrooms all over Europe to allow our customers to observe the quality of our aluminium structures in person.

    We draw on our own production. Thus, we can create bespoke garden structures.

    We offer our clients a comprehensive range of aluminium garden structures manufactured in-house.