The largest showroom and sales centre in the Czech Republic

In our showroom with a total area of more than 10,500 m², we are one of the few that allow you to see and compare selected products with your own eyes.

We operate the largest demonstration centre in the country. Our goal is to offer you the opportunity to compare products, manufacturers, prices, and we also want you to have the chance to see their quality.

The structures on display constantly change, so we recommend checking the availability of a particular article in the showroom before visiting.

Shall we meet?

The advantage of a personal visit is that you can see the product, touch it and see our quality for yourself. And we can also give you advice.


Showroom Praha

Tel.: 734 853 482
Adresa: U Mototechny, 251 62 Tehovec (Říčany u Prahy)
exit č.12 z D1, dále sjezd 300m před Mukařovem

Otevírací doba:
Březen – Říjen
Po – Pá: 10:00 hod. – 18:00 hod.
So - Ne: 10:00 hod. - 16:30 hod.

Státní svátky 28.9. a 28.10. bude showroom otevřen bez přítomnosti obchodníků.

Listopad – Únor
Po – Pá: 10:00 hod. – 17:00 hod.
So - Ne: 10:00 hod. - 16:30 hod. 

GPS souřadnice:
49.9893178N, 14.7185294E

Virtual visit



Showroom Prešov

Tel.: 0948 347 275
Adresa: Bardejovská 2046/28, 080
06 Prešov (část Ľubotice)

Otevírací doba: Po - Pa: 8:00 hod. – 18:00 hod.
So - Ne: otevřeno bez obchodníků

GPS souřadnice:
49.010215°, 21.257822°


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