We are Hobbytec

We are a leading manufacturer of aluminium winter gardens, pergolas, and carports. Our dedicated work and high-quality production is reflected in all our garden constructions. We are able to create a construction completely customised to meet the requirements of our clients. We rely on family values, years of experience, and a professional team. We always treat the needs of our customers with respect. 

We like to build long-term relationships with our clients, which is why we have created a wide range of home and garden products for our customers, which you can find in our e-shop.

Our milestonesFrom the present to the past

Expansion to the Entire EU Market and Photovoltaic Systems

Our significant successes on the Slovak and Polish markets became the basis for our further expansion abroad. In Germany, we are starting cooperation with a company that is one of the market leaders. There is a similar situation in Ireland, where we cooperate with another partner. At this time, everything is ready for our entry into Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, France, Spain, and the UK. For all these markets, we are looking for partners to provide the background of a growing company with an international reach. Our aluminium garden buildings proudly bear an EU-wide trademark. We hope to follow up on the activities of previous years. In Slovakia we are the leader of this segment, and in Poland we already have six partners working with us.

The first half of 2022 will be dedicated to the implementation of modern technologies. We have extended our offer to include aluminium garden constructions with their own photovoltaic system. We have integrated the individual solar panels directly into the safety glass roof. This elegant solution can enhance pergolas, conservatories and carports. In this respect, we are again looking for B2B partners who are involved in the production of this type of glass. We are able to create a completely customized aluminium structure for them, and the final installation will be up to them. We will continuously expand the photovoltaic system in the coming months.

Co nového vás čeká

We will listen to your wishes and in January 2022 we will open a showroom in Bratislava and later in the year in Moravia; to be more specific, we are heading for Brno and Ostrava. Another city in our plan is Pilsen. When it comes to foreign markets, we want to strengthen our position on the Austrian and German markets. Our goal is to reach an annual turnover of CZK 550 million. We are expecting a significant strengthening and subsequent stabilization of the company's HR structure. We will expand the production plant to more than 9,000 m².

Among the new products you can look forward to modular sizes of pergolas and winter gardens. We will expand our own production of winter gardens with frameless glass. We are also preparing a project of our own paint shop, which will further improve the services of the production of customised garden constructions. Our development will include the implementation of a new ERP system as a tool to optimize company processes. All clients can look forward to greater investment in e-commerce.

Moving to New and Larger Premises

In 2021, we had a major step to take. After many years we left the production plant in Říčany near Prague and moved to much larger premises. In Všechromy, there were premises waiting for us with a total area of more than 6,000 m², of which the production area is 5,000 m² and the office area is 1,300 m². The relocation also included major investments in technical facilities. We welcomed a new Elumatec 628 packaging and production line worth over CZK 20 million into our family. This was another significant step that contributed to our turnover increase of more than 45%.

It was the first time we exceeded the amount of CZK 400 million. In Slovakia, we reached the level of EUR 3 million. Abroad, we have launched wholesale sales in Poland and Ireland, and at the same time we have started preparations in Germany and Austria. We also strengthened our inventory management system and began our transition to a new ERP. In addition, we have started the certification of our own products.

We have started selling our own real estate

Under the Hobbytec Reality brand, we have started selling our own real estate. We focus on selling or renting residential apartments, family and mobile homes. You can find our offer and services at hobbytec-reality.cz

We are about to launch a new website

We have completed an extensive redesign of our website. We have divided it into two parts. Custom manufacturing includes conservatories, pergolas, carports and mobile homes. E-shop on the other hand, offers a complete range of home and garden equipment.
In Tehovec, we expand our production facilities with new CNC and other machines to increase our production. At the same time, we are growing our working capacity. We have increased our warehouse management by tens of tons of aluminium and other materials so that production cannot be interrupted. We have also expanded significantly into foreign markets. We are entering into wholesale sales in Slovakia and Poland.

Boosting production capacity

The great success of our aluminium garden constructions has necessitated a significant increase in our production capacity. Our production plant has gained more than 5000 m² of space, and at the same time, we have expanded our own team considerably. We have launched a new CRM for inventory and order management. We have registered trademark HOBBYTEC.

We launch our own aluminium production

We have increased our turnover across the segment by more than 30%. As the company continues to grow, we significantly expand the number of our employees and sales representatives. Most importantly, we have launched our own production of aluminium conservatories, pergolas and carports under the private label Hobbytec Aluminum.

We are venturing into building mobile homes

A significant milestone comes with the launch of customised wood and mobile homes under the brands of Hobbytec Home, Hobbytec Mobile and Hobbytec Wood. For the first time, we exceed an annual turnover of 100 million Czech crowns.

New company Hobbytec CZ s.r.o.

A new company names Hobbytec CZ s.r.o. is established. After opening new facilities for our employees, we began to significantly expand our warehouse space. We have increased the current capacity to 3,000 m². All to meet the growing demands for our products from the Czech and Slovak e-shops.

We launch an e-shop with a new mascot

We have recorded a significant increase in turnover during the busy year. We expanded our product range to over 10,000 items, strengthened our sales team, and completed our new headquarters. The new e-shop in several languages required an increased expenditure in marketing. We have created a new mascot and redesigned our projects.

We cooperate with the most prominent chains

We managed to establish cooperation with the largest retail chains in the Czech Republic. We have already started selling our selected products under our private label.

Opening the first showroom

Our first showroom opens in Tehovec near Říčany. New customers can explore our range of conservatories, pergolas and carports. At the same time, we expand our activities to the Slovak market through the new company Hobbytec SK, s.r.o

A great beginning

A breakthrough year for us as we started our business activities. We acquired exclusive or commercial representation of the international manufacturers of home and garden equipment. We have successfully managed to enter the Czech market of garden constructions.