Pergola, garden pergolas and covered seating

Pergolas and terrace roofing for garden lovers

Creating a covered patio area is every nature lover's dream. At Hobbytec, we specialise in aluminium pergolas of various types and designs.

Pergolas provide the perfect protection for outdoor gatherings with friends and family. We can manufacture a structure anchored to the house, or you can choose a free-standing version. The latter is striking in its design and robustness; moreover, it can be placed anywhere in the garden. It can also be used by a pool or as a multifunctional space, such as a place to store garden tools.

Aluminium pergolas are the current trend. Their elegance, modern design and variability have already found their place in Czech gardens. In recent years, production technology has moved forward by leaps and bounds. Currently, the wide range includes a plethora of types that differ in their roofing, colour, shape of construction, accessories, functional features and appearance.

Nowadays, wooden pergolas tend to be more for classic style enthusiasts. They are slowly losing their popularity and are being replaced by aluminium variants. We offer wooden pergolas that you can easily install yourself.

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Completely customised production

In the field of aluminium pergolas, we are able to provide completely tailor-made solutions. We rely on our own production of individual profiles. Therefore, it is just up to your preferences what dimensions, colour shade and design you choose. Choosing the proper option depends on the future use and, above all, the appearance of the surroundings. The pergola should fit the house, to which it is anchored. Together they can create a very remarkable combination. However, any RAL shade according to the colour card can be selected at an additional cost.

Unlimited protection

With the properly chosen garden pergola you will be protected against sun, rain and even snow. You can enjoy the benefits of this garden structure from early spring until autumn. The aluminium design will maintain its appearance for many years. The long service life is complemented by easy maintenance.

High quality roofing

A roofing is an important element. Here you can choose from several options. Durable polycarbonate is becoming an increasingly popular solution due to its durability and high resistance to external influences. It includes an effective UV filter providing the protection against the sun's dangerous rays. Safety glass stands out for its appearance and very easy maintenance. In addition, it can be selected in milk, smoke or the popular clear finish.

Price according to preference and use

Pergolas also have a completely functional purpose. They can also be used as a covered parking space, pool protection or as a shading equipment over windows and house entrances. The category of pergolas also includes modern gazebos made of various materials (wooden and canvas).

The price of a pergola depends on the dimensions and the chosen type. The fact that they can be converted into a full-fledged conservatory over time is also a great benefit. Just add glass side walls to the aluminium structure.

BenefitsWhy pergola of our brand?

  • All custom-made - just to fit in your house
  • Czech made - we manufacture aluminium pergolas ourselves
  • Aluminum design - superior quality, stability, high resistance and low maintenance requirements
  • Customer service - customer first
  • Assortment width - with us everyone can find what he likes

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