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Mulching the lawn
What does mulching mean? The mulch method is one of the ways of lawn care. And it consists in the ecological disposal of cut grass and weeds. The rotary mower with a special knife cuts the grass stalks into small pieces and they remain on the lawn when they are cut down, where they gradually become decayed, greyish and as a fertilizer improve the quality of the lawn.
Construction of the winter garden
The material of the conservative structure of the winter garden plays a very important role. Whether it is wood, aluminum or plastic, each of these materials has its own specifics, advantages and disadvantages. The combination of the appropriate material and the shape of the structure influences the conditions of the subsequent use of the winter garden.
Infrasauna belongs to a healthy lifestyle
Body and mind care is trending today. And that's good. Many in today's hurried time can make money, but few can afford to enjoy it. Therefore, in order to have a good rest, there is no need to visit the distant wellnes of the center. The sauna can be set up at home and it is not complicated.
Pure water in the pool without chlorine
The one who bathed in the sea knows how salty sea water has an effect on the skin of the body. Of course, the combination of sun, saltwater and relaxation is beneficial. But if we do not have the opportunity to go to the sea and have a garden pool, why not enjoy the mental and physical well-being at home in the garden. And saltwater seawater can be at least partially brought into the garden pool by saline.
Live fence, green barrier
Living fences are not only adorned, they are also a functional complement that defines space or provides a barrier against curious views from outside. Nowadays, we are much more creative about the choice of hedge plants. Live fences can be evergreen, coniferous, colorful, blooming, everybody can find their favorite species. However, a nice hedge is the only one that is adequately maintained, such as it stands out in any place.
The advantage of the fitted garage
It is always better to prevent problems than to deal with their consequences, and it also includes the adequate security of the car in front of the house. The car parked in front of the house is a great attraction for many thieves, and if it does not shake it, it may happen that the unfortunate lapkill destroys the locks, breaks the mirror, or otherwise damages our property. It is therefore more appropriate to have a car parked in the garage.