RoofingAluminum pergola TERRACE, without anchoring

TERRACE, without anchoring

Primary characteristics

  • Aluminum construction
  • Japanese production
  • 2 years warranty
  • Self-assembly
  • Widely variable system
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SpecificationsTechnical information

The Terrace Terrace aluminum pergola will make you feel relaxed for everyday relaxation, whether for reading a book or for sitting with friends. Because it is self-supporting and can be easily fixed anywhere,
you can also use the shelter to the entrance or the balcony shed . The space between the pergola and the wall can be sealed by sealing.
The construction of the pergola is made of aluminum which has undergone a specific treatment known as anodizing in which the upper layer of the material is treated so that the material is not subject to corrosion . The color of the construction is gray, brown or bronze.
For the pergola roof, we chose a full lexan, known primarily as a highly durable material suitable for glazing. The clear glazing performs very well the light and at the same time protects against harmful UV radiation . Roofing makes the terrace pleasantly overshadowed. It is also possible to have a glazing made in milk or smoke.
Terrace Terrace pergolas are standardized and can not be modified or changed in color. You can see the table of dimensions we produce in the pergola below.
The product price on the card is 190x130 cm.
Delivery of pergolas is provided either by courier service without assembly or by delivery, including installation . Installation is done in two ways. Concreting into pre-prepared excavations or mounting on pre-prepared concrete beads.
Obrouskou advantage pergolas Terrace is a unique construction system which does not need to be anchored to the wall pergolas. Pergola is self-supporting and can be attached to the wall without anchoring! The space between the pergola and the wall can be covered with a seal as shown in the picture below. 

Thanks to the unique design, the shed can be used as a pergola on the terrace, the entrance shed or the balcony shed. 

The delivery of pergolas is provided either by courier service without assembly or on request delivery including installation. Installation is done in two ways. Concreting into pre-prepared excavations or mounting on pre-prepared concrete beads. 


QuestionsFrequently asked questions

What colour can I choose for the structure? We offer three colours in the basic range, namely white, anthracite, silver and brown. However, you can choose any RAL colour at an additional cost. The surcharge is + 15% of the total price. How long is the lifetime of a polycarbonate roof? This material has undergone a lot of development in recent times. Nowadays, its lifetime is not limited. Compared to older types, it won't yellow or become brittle. If damage occurs, the individual panels can be easily replaced. Does a glass roof make noise when it rains? It is a myth. Glass roofing is less noisy in the rain than polycarbonate or the metal alternative. Is the glass resistant to impact, such as hail? Yes, we use safety glass for our pergola roofing, which can withstand even intense hailstorms. If it is damaged for any other reason, the glass breaks in smooth-edged fragments and, thus, poses no risk of personal injury. Won't it be dark under the milk glass? The milky variant perfectly combines transparency with protective properties. In strong sunlight, it prevents direct contact with dangerous radiation and prevents overheating of the interior. At the same time, it ensures sufficient light conditions in all weather. Is it possible to create a completely customised pergola?When it comes to aluminium pergolas, custom manufacturing is the way to go. We can design create completely bespoke aluminium profile dimensions. This also applies to the colour shade, type of roofing and other parameters. How long is the warranty period? The warranty period varies by product. All of our products undergo rigorous certification and have a long service life. How long does the installation take? The installation of a standard pergola takes 1-2 days. The time depends on the complexity of the final product. For more demanding types, it can be a maximum of 3 days. Can I assemble the pergola by myself? Yes, you can assemble most of our aluminium pergolas by yourself. They include especially the so-called modular articles, which are very easy to build. All necessary instructions and technical drawings can be found on our website. Can the bioclimatic pergola withstand heavy rain? Yes, the adjustable slat roof is designed to withstand heavy rain. In this case, the individual slats close to form an impenetrable roof. The water is then drained off the construction via an ingenious drain.

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