Photovoltaic SystemsSOLAR ENERGO Aluminium Pergola 7 x 4 m with a 5.32 kW PV + 6.2 kW battery and Connection to the Grid, Our Own Production

SOLAR ENERGO Aluminium Pergola 7 x 4 m with a 5.32 kW PV + 6.2 kW battery

Primary characteristics

  • Aluminum construction
  • 2 years warranty
  • Modern design
  • Widely variable system
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SpecificationsTechnical information

How to save your annual energy costs? We come up with roofing that combines safety glass and solar panels. The 7 x 4 meter SOLAR ENERGO aluminium pergola will offer an electrical output comparable to a photovoltaic system on a smaller family house. In this case, it is a system connected to the distribution system. You can therefore sell the surplus energy back to the grid. 

It is a product of our own production. We use the latest technology and the highest quality materials in our production. The roof lets through 40% of the light and it also serves as shading. The aluminium material is resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage. It will keep its shine for many years. We can arrange for installation anywhere.

For companies engaged in the distribution of photovoltaic systems, we offer B2B cooperation. We can adapt our aluminium structure of all garden constructions to your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us. 


The solar panels are integrated in the safety glass, which is used as the pergola roof panelling. This type of design is very compact and on top of that it lets through enough light. 

Specifications of Individual Panels: 

Solar panels use the latest technology and achieve high efficiency. The safety glass can withstand strong winds and cope with heavy snow cover (450 kg/m²).

The most common type of a photovoltaic panel (it may vary according to the availability; it will be specified after sending a non-binding inquiry): 

  • M50 type: 250 wp
  • M72 type: 380 wp
  • B72 type: 365 wp

Battery specification: 

The battery storage stands out for its long service life, elegant design, and easy installation. It is designed to accumulate energy, which will save the operating costs of household appliances. At the same time, you can save the energy for the time when the sun is not shining. 


700 x 400 cm



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