Cheap car shelters
An inexpensive shed does not necessarily mean a poor shelter. Aluminum carports guarantee durability, color fastness, easy maintenance. The polycarbonate roof prevents UV radiation. Selected shelter models are supplied as a kit and allow easy self- assembly .

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PJR Aluminium Carport, the 2022 ModelPJR Aluminium Carport, the 2022 ModelAn aluminium carport in simple design, UV protective filter, Japanese qualityPrice from: 3 301 GBP4 930 GBPPJF Aluminium Carport, the 2022 ModelPJF Aluminium Carport, the 2022 ModelAluminium carport with polycarbonate, low price, multi-car variantPrice from: 3 301 GBP4 930 GBPPJR aluminum carportPJR aluminum carportAluminum shelter in simple processing, protective filter against UV radiation, Japanese qualityPrice from: 2 128 GBPPJF aluminum carportPJF aluminum carportAluminum shelter with polycarbonate, low price, variant for more carsPrice from: 3 301 GBPPJR MJOINT aluminum shelterPJR MJOINT aluminum shelterAluminum shelter in a special design for two cars, anodized aluminum constructionPrice from: 8 400 GBPPJR MJOINT Aluminium Carport, the 2022 ModelPJR MJOINT Aluminium Carport, the 2022 ModelTwo-car version, dimensions as needed, anodised aluminium structurePrice from: 8 400 GBPMLR aluminum carportMLR aluminum carportInteresting shape of the aluminum carport construction, 10-year warranty and installation throughout the Czech RepublicPrice from: 3 612 GBP4 571 GBPKWC DOUBLE aluminum carportKWC DOUBLE aluminum carportLuxury variant for two cars, anodized aluminum construction, full lexan roofPrice from: 13 580 GBP17 189 GBPKWC DOUBLE Aluminium Carport, the 2022 ModelKWC DOUBLE Aluminium Carport, the 2022 ModelCovered parking for two vehicles, luxury design, anodised aluminium structurePrice from: 13 580 GBPRSC aluminum carportRSC aluminum carportAluminum shelter with full lexan roofing, variable dimensions, Japanese qualityPrice from: 6 891 GBP8 722 GBPRSZ aluminium carportRSZ aluminium carportSelf-supporting construction, 10-year warranty, anodised aluminiumPrice from: 7 374 GBP9 334 GBPPJR INLINE aluminum carportPJR INLINE aluminum carportElegant shelter for two cars, Japanese quality, certified materialPrice from: 8 114 GBPAMANDAAMANDASize: 500 x 297.5 cmPrice from: 1 172 GBP2 318 GBPAN12 DOUBLEAN12 DOUBLESize: 622 x 600 cmPrice from: 5 679 GBP6 884 GBPVITORIAVITORIASize: 499 x 290 cmPrice from: 1 525 GBP1 973 GBPPJR XXL aluminum carportPJR XXL aluminum carportAluminum carport for three cars, premium Japanese quality, UV filterPrice from: 15 200 GBPARCADIAARCADIADimensions: 502 x 360 cmPrice from: 1 864 GBP2 161 GBPVARIANT steel carportVARIANT steel carportModern carport, premium quality, long lifePrice from: 2 265 GBP2 634 GBPPJR YJOINT aluminum carportPJR YJOINT aluminum carportAluminum shelter for two cars, Japanese quality, certified materialPrice from: 8 400 GBPWheel cover KC291418 180x430 cmWheel cover KC291418 180x430 cmPrice from: 2 568 GBP

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