ProductsConcrete garage with floor

Concrete garage with floor

Primary characteristics

  • Concrete structure
  • 2 years warranty
  • Modern design
  • Best-seller
  • Widely variable system
  • German production
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SpecificationsTechnical information

A garage made of high-quality concrete b45 is the right protection for your sheet metal. Concrete garage has a number of advantages over garages made of other materials, in addition to the concrete garage we provide an extended warranty of 10 years .

Massive reinforced concrete construction resists not only weather effects but also burglary attempts . The concrete walls are thinner than the brickwork, so you will have more space inside the same outer dimensions.

The garage comes with a floor , and you do not need a base plate to install it.
The garage can be relocated to another place at any time and the newly created area can be used according to needs.

The garage can be interconnected in larger units, if you purchase another car, you can simply extend it to another stand . For example, if we connect two 300 x 600cm modules, we get a 600 x 600cm concrete double garage. An alternative solution for parking another car is the installation of a carport , so you will not only get another parking space but also a garden pergola for the summer months.

So that the garage does not interfere with the architectural style of your house, you can choose besides white plaster of another 8 colors. Your new concrete garage can be equipped with a wide range of accessories , from wiring through an electrically operated garage door.

Concrete garages are supplied with windows and doors in various sizes and designs. You are so sure that the new garage will meet all your needs.

More information:

More information on , alternatives can be a garage with plaster

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