ProductsDouble garage with saddle roof and large gates 504x580 cm

Double garage with saddle roof and large gates 504x580 cm

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SpecificationsTechnical information

Assembled double-garage takes you at first sight with large gates and a saddle roof.
After opening the garage door, virtually all of the garage door is completely accessible, which can be very practical in some situations. The garage can be used in other ways than just for car parking. In its section, you can set up a home shop or use it as a convenient storage space.

Thanks to the plaster, this double garage is indistinguishable from classic buildings . You can choose from nine colors of sprayed plaster. The saddle roof looks good in the countryside and where the straight roof does not fit.

You can disassemble the assembled two-car canopy at any time and move it to another place. For construction of this type of garage, it is not usually necessary to execute a building permit or to install a baseboard.

All metal parts of sheet metal garage are galvanized. This treatment protects the structure from corrosion and guarantees that the garage will serve you for decades.

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