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SpecificationsTechnical information

The ground bolts of the A1 home series are suitable for building a garden fence. 

The ground bolts of the A4, A4 series are suitable for building a garden fence.
Fast and cheap anchorage of a prismatic wooden fence. The ground screw is grounded by means of the ISO - T mounting bolt, and the prism is fitted into a 10 x 10 cm U - shaped end cap. Build a wooden fence, garden pergola, or toolbox in your garden has not yet been easier - look for instructions for self-assembling earthworms.

  • Specifications:
  •      weight 2.2 kg
  •      end cap U - 10 x 15 cm
  •      total length 65 cm
  •      thread length 25 cm
  •      diameter 6 cm
  •      wall thickness 2 mm
  •      soil hard soil
  •      Low Load Load
  •     technical name Ø60 ↕650 ↨250 U100


  • What are the main advantages of earthworms?
The advantage of the foundations on earthworks is a significant saving in time compared to concrete: up to 40-80%. The basics of family house wood can be finished in just one day, which is extremely appreciated by our customers as they can continue with other construction work on the same day. Our company also provides installation of earth bolts. Their lifetime in our climatic conditions is at least 50 years.

  • Which buildings are suitable for earthworks?
The quality of the foundation of the building is often one of the most important factors in the functionality and life of the building. The current trend in the construction industry is the foundations of the earthworks. These, after turning into the ground, crush the ground to the side, which will give it a strong reinforcement. Earth screws are considered to be a safe and reliable foundation for construction.

The following factors have to be taken into account when constructing earthworks:
· Load capacity and soil type,
· Earth diameter ...

  • Earth Screws - ALTERNATIVA Concreting
Earth screws are the ecological foundations of buildings, with minimal landscaping and sensitive building environments. It is a structural steel product made of hot-dip galvanizing, which also serves as a waterproofing.
The advantage of using earth screws is low ecological environmental load and low CO2 footprint. No construction waste is generated in the construction of foundations on earthworks.


What kind of soil is suitable for earthworm application?

Because of their properties, the earth screws are suitable for each soil. 6 cm diameter earth screws are suitable for hard and solid soil, diameter 7 cm is suitable for softer soil. With an average of 7.6 cm, 9 cm and 10.8 cm soil properties no longer play a decisive role. Increased load and stability requirements are covered by a combination of the total length of the earth screw, the length of the threaded part and the diameter of the earth screw.

What is the lifetime of earthworms?

The earth screw is a standard steel product, hot-dip galvanized, thanks to which it has the advantage of high life. Our company provides an extended warranty of 5 years with a money back guarantee for a legitimate claim.
Industrial zinc plants indicate the lifetime of hot dip galvanized products for 50 years.

What load is suitable for earth screws?

The permissible load depends on the type and density of the soil. In general, the harder the soil, the higher the load.
At the foundations of each building, a local assessment of the load capacity of the soil and the distribution of the load on the building should be made to a reasonable number of screws. The approximate value for clay soil is 50,000 N (5,000 Kg) in compression and 25,000 N (2,500 Kg) tensile.


How accurate is it to apply earth screws?

The more homogeneous the soil, the more accurate the earthing screw can be applied. Based on the installation experience with our clients, the ground bolts diverge on an average of 0-4 cm in the horizontal plane and 0-4 ° in the vertical plane. Thanks to the design of the earthing screw, it is possible to tilt the above-ground parts of the structure by 4 °, if necessary, to ensure the absolute vertical position of the structure.

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