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SpecificationsTechnical information

Practical solutions to metal garden house classical design for storage of gardening, sports, pool, barbecue, camping, motoring needs. ARROW houses are among the most Renowned brand of garden houses in the world markets. The house is made of galvanized profiled sheet with high strength and wall thickness of 0.22 to 0.35 mm. The roof and parts of the floor structure are hot dip galvanized, walls and the rest of the structure underwent electrolytic galvanizing. All painted parts are provided with high-quality polyester paint.

  • classic gabled roof
  • front inner sliding double doors of size x cm S110 v165
  • š253 external dimensions x D181 x cm V190
  • The internal dimensions š246 x d173 cm x v187
  • wall height 170 cm
  • the weight of the house is 65 kg
  • Explanatory Note: width - front page, LENGTH - broadside

Installation of the house must be Performed on a flat surface (preferable concrete, tile, wood or metal frame, etc.).

All garden houses ARROW are projected to design taller population of the US and Europe. For most of the "no" Asian Often houses are afraid that the ITS position you find That you just built Higher than the house, and into the house That can seamlessly join up as a child of six. And That's Not Even talking about the Fact That Asian house abuts the inside wall or shovel. Usually this is Higher than the wall of the house ..... Therefore, recommended That the height of the house and the size of the entrance door before buying a house.  

The height of the door at the house Oldfields

              ARROW branded house and the typical East Asian product

We Delivered as a kit - 1 package with dimensions of 182 x 86 x 11 cm and weighing 65 kg.

Attention - cottage is in reality a combination of ivory and green colors. Real Colors May Be Slightly different from the colors in your images (depends on the color settings on your monitor).

Anti-Perforation Warranty for 10 years.


Category: Metal houses
Built area: 4.58 m2
Length (exterior): 1.81 m
Width (outside) 2.53
Height (external): 1.90 m
Doors: Sliding hinged
Door Width: 1.10 m
Door height: 1.65 m
Construction material: galvanized sheet from 0.36 to 0.40 mm
The wall thickness of the house: galvanized sheet from 0.22 to 0.35 mm
Warranty: 10 years on rusting through
Floor bundled: yes
Color: green
Weight: 65 kg

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