SunroomsHAWAII aluminum seasonal conservatory with frameless glass

HAWAII seasonal sunroom

Primary characteristics

  • Aluminum construction
  • Swiss production
  • 2 years warranty
  • Modern design
  • Without using corner posts
  • Widely variable system
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Sunrooms, pergolas, carports with solar roofing


SpecificationsTechnical information

Thanks to its properties, the HAWAII seasonal aluminum sunroom will transform your terrace into another living space. Enjoy comfort and convenience of this sunroom with friends and family from the first days of spring till sunny days of late autumn.

The all-glass sliding wall of the garden will provide you with protection against bad weather without compromising the view. Thanks to an easy operation, you can slide the entire glass wall to the side. If you plan to build a pergola first and after a while turn it into a sunroom, it is ideal to use the sliding system of the HAWAII sunroom and the roofing of the aluminum pergola HAWAII 40 CUBO.


The HAWAII seasonal sunroom with an all-glass sliding wall is made of the most compact and light aluminum profiles. The sliding system can be supplied in a range of up to six tracks (standard is from two to five tracks). The movement of the individual panels is ensured by ball bearings and the carrier function for automatic movement of all panels during closing. The system is usually equipped with a self-locking lock with inside unlocking.


We offer four different color shades. You can also choose any RAL color at an additional cost.

Visualization of the opening of the HAWAII sunroom.

QuestionsFrequently asked questions

Does a sunroom have to have a foundation? Yes, every conservatory must be built on a solid and level base. Ideally, a slab foundation or at least a perimeter foundation strip should be laid. Can you make me a customised sunroom? Yes. We can produce all types of conservatories wholly tailored to your requirements. In addition, we carry out precise measurements on-site at the customer's premises before production. What is the difference between a cold and a warm sunroom? The cold or seasonal sunroom is used to extend the season until late autumn. This type does not require complex technical solutions for thermal bridges. However, you can still use these sunrooms during the winter months. You just need to get the right accessories for the interior. This is primarily about heating.On the other hand, the warm or year-round conservatory is true to its name. It is an entirely different type of construction than the previous case. It is implemented concerning thermal bridges, which prevent heat transfer from the outside structure to the inside. This includes, for example, extensions to fully habitable rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and so on.What about ventilation in the sunroom?Each customer can choose the walls they wish to open. We can design full sliding walls around the entire perimeter of the conservatory or have only part of it openable. Everything is at the new owner's request. How is the sunroom installed?We carry out the installation ourselves, and it is provided by our conservatory experts. The installation represents 20% of the total price of the conservatory.

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