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GRANDE II N black - stoves

Stoves Masterflamme thanks to Represent ITS solid construction, high-quality segment of the market. Tubular Solutions combustion chamber ensures a very low expansion material, high quality and long lifetime of the device. Tubes guarantee maximum transmission of heat and very rapid heating of the air flowing in the pipes. This Principle ensures an Even distribution of warm air heating not only in the room Where stands the stove , but Also to other rooms. The materials come from the largest to the processors of iron, Which Provide stable and quality supply. Also Masterflamme stoves can boast of Fulfilling the Highest technical standards DETERMINE That the country's largest production both in Europe and In These Countries are very much in demand.


Complete combustion
Provides intelligent supply of primary, secondary and tertiary air into the combustion chamber.

trouble-free operation for many years is Very Important for us.

Bunded Conventional oven
at the bottom of the tube to suck cold air passage through the casing Heats Up Rapidly and is blown into the room.The top plate can be Used for rapid heating of food.

Masterflamme stoves can be used to The heat residential and recreational facilities. Thanks to the rapid heating capability and size of the combustion chamber are Also very popular in manufacturing workshops, warehouses and other industrial areas. Stoves Masterflamme, due to Their unique design unique ability to Quickly heat generation and Its smooth and uniform distribution. Cold air is drawn into the pipe at the bottom Which forms Within the combustion chamber. This leads to the immediate heating and blowing air back into the room. Through this "Fénovému effect" can stove Masterflamme a very short time to transmit large Amounts of heat and evenly distribute it in Heated areas.

Eko-Air-In Provides a central air intake through an external air intake from the back of the stove. Complete combustion process is controlled by only one control in the lower right corner of the stove. System Eko-Air-In as well as ensuring safety before explosion of gaseous components with continuous intake of fresh air. This innovative feature Provides high efficiency, reduce fuel consumption by up to 40% and especiall environmentally friendly. The Amount of ash is minimal.

Stoves Masterflamme meet the strictest European CE standards (EN 13240, BlmSchV - Stufe 2, 15a B-VG, DINplus)


Power range (kW)13-21
The efficiency of the stove (%)78
Efficiency (%)76-80
Exhaust duct (mm)150
Heating capacity approx (m3)325-525
External air supplyYes
secondary combustionYes
Tertiary air supplyYes
rinsing glassYes
Self-cleaning glass airYes
Power (stove) (kW)17-22
type stovesdouble-walled convection
Rated power (kW)17
Materialsteel plate
StandardEN 13240, BImSchV - Stufe 1, 15a B-VG, DINplus, Flamme Verte
Emissions of CO (at 13% O2) (%)0,095
The average flue gas temperature (° C)320
Operating draft (Pa)12
Log length (cm)52
Fuelwood, wood briquettes
Fuel consumption (kg / h)5
glass typepanoramic
Weight (kg):183.00

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