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SpecificationsTechnical information

Kalmar 11/5 ER red - hot stove

New products from HS Flamingo. Most modern hot stoves that meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. Highly efficient and environmentally friendly. Technology secondary combustion efficiencies of over 80%. A unique solution that provides an easy transition from the hot water for hot-air heating method. Made from the finest materials, according to technology that meets the strictest European standards. Equipped with a standard ochlazovaci' loop protecting against overheating. Tertiary air for complete combustion and a constant supply of air. Option to connect external air supply is guaranteed. Variant integrated electronic regulation of air automatically protects against overheating.

Choose for yourself how will your stove use. Two performances of boilers and possibility to operate as hot air, it is Aquaflam VARIO!

Design, colors, POWER, CONTROL:

Saporo, Kalmar, Lend and Burma is a complete design offer stoves Aquaflam Vario.

For stoves Saporo, Lend, Kalmar is available 5 colors - gray, cream, red, and two luxury - brown velvety and creamy metallic.
Burma stoves are supplied with tiles in patterns maple, walnut and bleached oak.

Stoves are supplied with water exchanger. The customer has the choice between two performances: 3 - 9 kW and 5 - 11kW hydronic performance.

The selection includes two types of controls stoves. Manual, using rods and electronic, using a potentiometer with a temperature safety sensor.

WARM / warm air VERSION
If you want to drown without heat, it can easily replace it with a plug (deflector) s whose presence can drown in a hot-air stoves.

In addition, the stove Burma is possible to replace tiles at any moment of their operation.


Power range (kW)7-15
Efficiency (%)> 80
The efficiency of the stove (%)80.47
Heating capacity approx (m3)140-300
External air supplyYes
secondary combustionYes
Tertiary air supplyYes
rinsing glassYes
type stoveshot water, double wall convection
Power (stove) (kW)09-11
Power into water (kW)3-9
Rated power (kW)11
Material5 mm sheet (combustion chamber), 3mm plate (body), fire clay
Chimneys (cm)150
StandardEN 13229, BImSchV - Stufe 2, 15a B-VG, DINplus, Flamme Verte
Emissions of CO (at 13% O2) (%).0996
The average flue gas temperature (° C)255
Operating draft (Pa)12-14
The volume of the heat exchanger10.2
Log length (cm)45
Fuelwood, wood briquettes
Fuel consumption (kg / h)3.2
Maximum operating pressure (bar)2.5
cooling loopYes
glass typestraight, luxury blackened
Removable tilesNo
Weight (kg):216.00

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