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SMART 45 m²

Primary characteristics

  • Wooden construction
  • 10 years warranty
  • Modern design
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SpecificationsTechnical information

The clever and minimalist Smart 45m 2 mobile home features an outdoor light with wooden cladding and a large terrace with a roof. Entrance to the house through the terrace takes you right into its core, into the living room connected to the kitchen. From here you can easily reach both bedrooms, dimensionally adapted to the bedroom or study. Next to the room on the left is also a bathroom with a toilet.

We will transfer your mobile home anywhere in the Czech Republic . For the transport and the position of the house we need a place with access for a car with a tow and a construction crane. The price of the mobile home is in a mini version without a terrace. The exact scope of delivery for assembled and mobile homes is available in PDF HERE
Assembled and mobile homes Smart will build and prepare for full occupancy in three months . Thanks to the SIP building modules , building is not only fast but also very durable, even against moisture, fire. SIP panels consist of two OSB boards, among which is an expanded polystyrene insulation layer. Thanks to this, the house is perfectly insulated both thermally and soundly . There are no undesirable temperature fluctuations and the cost of winter traffic is very welcoming.
In case you want to change the location of the doors or windows, it is enough to consult our consultant. If you want to live in the assembled house for a full year and use it fully, bet on a turnkey option. Besides basic design, it includes flooring and tiling, bathroom equipment with sanitary facilities such as a toilet, shower, sink and boiler. There is also the introduction of electrical and water distribution systems. 
The exact price calculator is available upon request. For more information, please contact us. Complete offer of prefabricated houses for download in PDF HERE

We build prefabricated and mobile homes according to customer requirements, both according to type projects with regular modifications such as shifting partitions, changing the location of windows, doors, as well as changing the layout of individual rooms. Upon request, we are able to ensure the construction of individual projects that the customer delivers on his own. In addition, we provide the construction of almost all houses from the largest project office of spol. G-Service, which we partner with. We provide a complete service from the project to the realization of the construction of family houses on a turnkey basis.
For more on SIP, visit the HERE link. 
Project documentation in small format for the purpose of obtaining a preliminary statement from the building office for download in PDF HERE

Visually our demonstration centers , where you have the unique opportunity to see the prefabricated houses with your own eyes. Our dealers will advise you on choosing a suitable house. 
The exhibited samples are constantly changing, the availability on the showroom is recommended to check before the visit. 
Another preferred option is to supply prefabricated turnkey houses, including fixtures and other items. In addition to delivering turnkey houses, we also provide preparatory works in the form of earthworks including connections, as well as finishing construction work such as landscaping or paving tiles

We will prepare your current quotation upon request. For more information, please contact us.
The price of the house is min. house assembly. Scope of delivery for modular houses to download in PDF HERE
Complete offer of prefabricated houses for download in PDF HERE

Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIP) is a versatile system for designing walls, ceilings and roofs of various types of buildings, not only for the construction of prefabricated family houses , but is also widely used for a variety of light industrial and multifunctional buildings. It will find its application not only in complete new constructions, but also in the solution of roof superstructures and reconstructions. SIPsCZ uses a self-supporting sandwich panel as the basic structural element. The panel consists of two OSB boards and insulating panels of stabilized EPS self-extinguishing polystyrene. Building system information to download PDF HERE

Casing - Provides static paneling, made of OSB boards made of oriented large-area chips, EGGER OSB 4 TOP boards are glued with 100% PU resin without formaldehyde.The advantage is low weight and high strength. Core - is primarily an insulating element made of stabilized flame-retardant EPS polystyrene; also serves as a support for OSB boards to prevent them from falling under load.

Thanks to the full-area glued joint, a compact static and insulating building element is produced which is resistant to the strictest building standards. The system is tested and tested by accredited institutions - TZÚS, PAVÚS, CSI, FIRES and certified by VVUD Praha. Production and construction from the system takes place in the production control system and is under regular control. During production, each panel passes a rigorous check and blasting tests are performed at the given interval. Just so we can be sure of the quality of our product and with a calm conscience to give the customer a construction guarantee for 30 years.The Construction System Catalog manual is used to design buildings. In general, all rules for the design of wooden buildings are applicable. The system can be used to mount different parts of the house - you do not have to restrict yourself to selecting only certain technologies.

The main advantages of the building system

  • Energy efficient
  • Low air penetration by SIPs panel constructions. This reduces the temperature fluctuations in the structure where the very high thermal resistance of the "R"
  • Humidity inside buildings does not affect the thermal resistance of the structure in the perimeter panels
  • There are no openings or cavities in the SIPsCZ panels, resulting in no heat leakage, air conditioning. Compared to insulation from bulk materials, glass or mineral wool, SIPsCZ panels do not have vertical air circulation
  • Unlike wooden or steel structures, brick or concrete blocks, the SIPsCZ panels, due to the high surface area and number of joints, do not create unnecessary loss of thermal bridges.
  • The SIPsCZ building module is resistant to rodent and insect infestation (for animals the foam is indigestible).

Reasons for System Selection

  • Cheaper housing - an average of 20% compared to brick houses
  • Construction speed - housing already 8-12 weeks
  • Healthy housing without allergens, fungi and formaldehydes
  • Save energy - save up to 70%
  • Ecological construction - Wood is a recyclable and renewable resource
  • Year-round building season - weather minimizes construction
  • Dry building process - construction does not have to freeze (does not contain water)
  • Larger area - 10% more usable area (due to wall thickness)

Thanks to quick installation and fast moving to a new house, you save several months, sometimes up to several years of rent for your existing home. The small thickness of the perimeter wall on a single-storey house with a built-up area of ​​100 m2 will save 10 m2 of the bricks, ie one room, and it is about 170,000 to 210,000 CZK. Fast construction costs less than tens of thousands of mortgage costs. It is the difference to pay interest on the entire amount for construction time of three months or two years. Buildings from SIPsCZ are very precise, do not require more repairs and upgrades. SIPsCZ home operation costs are minimal due to excellent thermal and technical properties - from 1,200 to 3,000 CZK / month.

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