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SpecificationsTechnical information

Moneual MR6800M

The first hybrid robotic vacuum cleaner and robotic floor washer with H2O in a water tank.

Robotic vacuum cleaner and washer floors Moneual MR6800M one can vacuum the floor while Mopping. You can choose to just vacuum or mop, or both. Just choose the right program. During the Mopping with a big mop microfiber Gently constantly moistened wick using clean water from H2O water tank. Individual fibers of the mop have special texture fabric that well absorb impurities from the floor.

What is a hybrid robotic vacuum cleaner?

Moneual the first to bring a hybrid robotic vacuum cleaner That Combines classic robotic vacuum cleaner robot and spawning a water tank. This saves space and money, not need two devices.

Advanced technology for precision cleaning 4 in 1

Two extended lateral brushes, special multifunction rotary brush chief executive BLDC vacuum motor and large patented H2O mop water tank ensures Precise, versatile and Effective cleaning of All types of floors.

Powerful suction BLDC motor

Incredibly high suction power BLDC motor Delivers Unmatched vacuuming dirt from floors. Lifetime BLDC motor with Approximately 10 times longer (± 5000), Than the lifetime of commonly Used DC suction motors for other robotic vacuum cleaners.

Patented big mop

Individual fibers of the mop fabric are Called special texture. "FACT Duo," Which Provides high adhesion of dirt from the floor compared to Conventional mop. Dirt REMAIN on the surface of a mop, but are absorbed by the Individual fibers of the mop and THUS is Capable of PRECISELY mop to clean up Even a large floor space.

H2O water tank

During cleaning of the floor is large mop constantly moistened by Means of Wicks clean water from container H2O. The floor is PRECISELY Mopping the floor and dirt disappear as Easily as the hand wiping.

Multifunction brush

The combination of fiber and silicone SCREEDS rotary brush ensures Efficient removal of impurities and fine dust on smooth floors and carpets.

Shadow cleaning

Special mode for cleaning floors without direct daylight (under beds, furniture or night).

4-layer filtration with a high efficiency

Highly Effective filtration captures Even the finest particles of dust and dirt and is Suitable for homes with allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

42 sensors with advanced technology

These advanced sensors Avoiding collisions with obstacles. Moreover, the thesis of sensors Deliver comfort, safety and protection from falling down the stairs, lift detection, detection of reservoir detection overloaded brushes, overloaded bicycles detection, detection of dead batteries.

LiFePO4 battery

Cutting-edge Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is environmentally friendly and has a 3x longer life Than nickel, lithium ion or polymer batteries.

voice guidance

Moneual will alert you to the need to empty the dust container and clean the lint filter. This Avoids manual inspection fullness of dust container. Also it INFORMS about completion of the cleaning, and begin charging the battery and many other information That is very helpful and pleasant to use hybrid robotic vacuum cleaners and robotic floor washer Moneual MR6800M.


Moneual MR6800M won the prestigious Plus X Award "Best Product of the Year 2014 'in den folgenden categories: Innovation, High Quality, Design and Functionality (Innovation, High Quality, Design, Functionality). The magazine judged TESTMAGAZIN Moneual MR6800M as a very good product with the result of 87.2%. Moneual MR6800M is the only product combining quality robotic vacuum cleaner while robotic floor washer.

Technical specifications

Model: MR6800M

Color: Black and gray

Dimensions: 348 x 86 mm

Weight: 2.6 kg

Noise level: Max. 68 db (When turbosání)

Battery: 1400 mAh LiFePO4 12.8

Charging time: 60 minutes (standard intake)

Consumption: max. 20 W

Filtration 4-stage filtration

Sensors: 42 sensors for navigation

Cleaning modes: Auto, Manual, Shadow Cleaning, Intensive Cleaning, Corner Cleaning, Mopping

Operation: turbo intake, delayed start (timer)

Volume of container: 600 ml

The volume of water container: 150 cl

package contents

1x robotic vacuum cleaner Moneual MR6800M

2 side brush (one product)

1x Remote Control

H2O 1 water tank

2 large microfiber mop

1x charging base

1x AC adapter

1 x Power Cable

1x cleaning brush mop

1x cleaning comb

1x instruction

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