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SpecificationsTechnical information

Perfect Smoothie Blender White is a high quality powerful and multifunctional blender That impresses With its ease of use and incredible performance. With this blender getting rich your diet with a plethora of culinary specialties, such as Microsoft professional cocktails or creamy soups, Which can no longer indulge only in bars and restaurants but Also at home. You can do with HIM to mix any kind of food very finely and in Addition to mixing, blending, grinding and chopping with it, you can Also make snacks for young children, desserts, cocktails, ice creams, smoothies, sorbets, spreads, etc . Thanks to ITS fantastic performance is perfectly suited for preparing raw food.

Perfect Smoothie is unlike other blenders equipped with 6 knives, with Which you can mix both liquid and dry ingredients. Its vessel with a volume of 2.5 liters is fully Sufficient for the mixing of larger foods, Which need not be cut, and the container can be neatly Stored.

Perfect Smoothie Blender has a use not only at home, but is well suited to cafes, pastry shops, restaurants, bars, etc.

Blender container is made of Highly durable materials That could work with both hot and cold food does not bind and Their smell or taste. No worries there, so you can prepare homemade soups or sauces.

Cocktails & mixing
Literally a few seconds can Blender G21 Perfect Smoothie prepare delicious fruit and vegetable cocktails. Thanks to the unique mixing system, high performance and six blades Which divides food into small pieces, fruit and vegetables RETAIN Their cellular structure and the Resulting cocktail will provide your body more vitamins.
Blender has no problem with rozmixováním Even droughts foods as carrot leaves, Which is harder and less Efficient, some mixers have a problem with processing. Perfect Smoothie it will mix into a smooth, creamy juice full of vitamins and fiber without any problems.

ice cream
Preparing homemade ice cream is multifunctional blender Perfect Smoothie breeze. Able to work with Quickly That Even a frozen raw materials do not manage heat During processing. THUS creating a soft and fluffy homemade ice cream That you especiall During the summer months, every day, beautifully refreshed. From the fruit of it, you can prepare delicious syrup spill on ice cream, pancakes or pancakes.
ice cream

Using a blender you get for a few minutes, for example, broccoli, peas, pumpkin and lentil soup full of healthful nutrients, Which will be beautifully smooth and creamy. Just enjoy all raw materials to clobber the soup into a container, puree, and flavored soup is ready, hot and ready to eat. Perfect Smoothie Blender can handle a Similar way to prepare delicious sauces, snacks, spreads, but Also minced meat, crushed nuts, etc.
raw diets

For lovers of RAW That meals are not only healthy, but with the right appliances and very tasty, Perfect Smoothie blender is a good choice.

RAW food or raw (live) diet is a diet That has not undergone heat treatment (heating to over 45 ° C) and is THUS full of active enzymes, minerals, vitamins and high-quality nutrients. It is scientifically proven That thermally processed foods are less valuable to our health and can be Harmful. Raw food Means eating mostly fruits of fruit trees and shrubs, vegetables, wild herbs, nuts and seeds.
Thanks to the consumption of raw food you are Completely natural and effortless manner Adjusted body weight, cleans and softens the skin, thickens hair and cease to bother you with problems such as Microsoft Heartburn, stomach problems, etc. You will have lots of energy and need less sleep Because the body does not emit as much energy to digest cooked food.

The incredible performance of 1500 W is the most Distinctive feature in Perfect Smoothie. It's like performances have 2 Conventional pneumatic hammers. Speed ​​of six blades can be Adjusted from the normal 10,000 rpm in a super fast 35,000 rpm. Flask 2.5 l Withstand without problems Temperatures from -40 ° C to + 120 ° C. It also features overload protection. Its modern white color and interesting design Gives the appearance of a blender Rather complement the Than Conventional kitchen appliances. With its low center of gravity well to the desktop and Its robust design ensures long life.
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Dimensions (width x depth x height): 27.5 x 24 x 54.5 cm
  • overheating fuse
  • Power: 1500 W
  • Resistance container: -40 ° C to 120 ° C
  • Container volume: 2.5 l
  • Revolutions / Minute: 10000-35000
  • White color

  • parameters:
  • Package contents:
  • Perfect Smoothie Blender
  • People with a spout
  • ergonomic masher

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