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Room fountain depicting spilling mugs with LED lights will definitely be a pleasant oasis of peace, comfort in your home. Fountain Room is equipped with high quality and very quiet water pump. Water flows down the individual pitchers, the lower fountain is lit by LED lighting. The fountain creates a romantic atmosphere and creates a very pleasant comfort and relaxation combined with refreshing air ionization.

Water is the source of life. Water has always been a symbol of life, vitality, health, purity and abundance for all human generations. Water conceals immense natural energy and significantly affects the living conditions in all parts of the world. The flowing water is powerful, water cleanses and refreshes, nourishes and zhojuje, soothes and regenerates. Already before 5,000 years ago, Chinese Taoist monks and scholars devoted to in-depth study of water and its interactions on living beings and humans in particular. This science named Feng - shui (wind and water). Fountains and fountains bring into your home an authentic piece of nature and natural forces. Or bubbling softly flowing water creates a soothing atmosphere of harmony and balance
earth elements.

Any such natural fountain can significantly alter or completely eliminate negative energy around and create the atmosphere of harmony of mind and a naturally relaxing environment. These water fountains are also unobtrusive decorative element to your garden and household use, but are also suitable for social facilities (hotels, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc. ...) Or business premises (offices, surgeries, shops, etc. ...) .

Each even less sensitive individuals will feel close to these water fountains calming energy. The wellness effect is created on the basis of the physical process - air ionization. Even these small fountains can produce enough ionization effect in any room. Flowing water captures mechanical and organic particles that are free to move through the air and thereby "filtered" breathable air from these particulate impurities which would otherwise adhering to the mucosa of the respiratory tract and irritating would have to cough or to labored breathing Furthermore, it was shown that regular stay in a room with conditioned air thus eliminates stress, beneficial effects on mental health, increasing creativity to life and reduces the risk of airborne infections.


  • Material: Polyresin
  • a water pump
  • cable with 12V transformer
  • LED lighting
  • Height: 19.5 cm
  • width / depth: 19,5x20cm
  • shipping weight: 2 kg

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