Photovoltaic SystemsSOLAR ENERGO Carport with a Photovoltaic System and Connection to the Grid, Our Own Production

SOLAR ENERGO Carport with a Photovoltaic - island system

Primary characteristics

  • Aluminum construction
  • Own production
  • 2 years warranty
  • Modern design
  • Widely variable system
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SpecificationsTechnical information

We have complied with your wishes and created the SOLAR ENERGO aluminium carport with its own solar power plant. This type belongs to the so-called island photovoltaic systems, which are not connected to the distribution grid. They are an ideal solution for places where there is no connection to the grid available. This allows you to build the carport anywhere in your garden. You are completely independent. The price is for a shelter of 6x4m. The price for a complete photovoltaic power plant is on request.

The modern SOLAR ENERGO self-supporting carport will impresses you with its elegant gable roof. It is filled with safety glass into which we have directly integrated solar panels. They also serve as shading, so you don't have to worry about your car's paintwork suffering under the sun's strong rays. The durable aluminium structure is completely maintenance-free and has a long service life. 

We are also looking for partners for B2B cooperation. We will create a completely customized carport for you and you will supply the photovoltaic panel system. If you are a manufacturer and see potential in the use of garden constructions, please contact us. 


The photovoltaic system is directly implemented in the safety glass already when the carport is being manufactured. Its elegant design looks very compact. 

Specifications of Individual Panels: 

Solar panels use the latest technology and achieve high efficiency. The safety glass can withstand strong winds and cope with heavy snow cover (450 kg/m²). Basic size of the solar panel: 2 x 1 metre

The most common type of a photovoltaic panel (it may vary according to the availability; it will be specified after sending a non-binding inquiry): 

  • M50 type: 250 wp
  • M72 type: 380 wp
  • B72 type: 365 wp

Battery specification: 

The battery storage stands out for its long service life, elegant design, and easy installation. It is designed to accumulate energy, which will save the operating costs of household appliances. At the same time, you can save the energy for the time when the sun is not shining. 


Depth: 300 cm - 700 cm - individually even more
Width: 300 cm - 600 cm 


The decor of the structure can be selected in a basic colour range that includes white, grey, brown, and the popular anthracite.

QuestionsFrequently asked questions

How does the island system differ from the grid-connected system?We offer our clients two types of implementation. The island system (OFF-GRID) is not connected to the distribution grid and it is used for your greater energy independence. It is ideal in places where no power supply is available. Suitable for powering specific appliances. A grid-connected system combines energy produced for the client's own consumption and the eventual sale of energy to the distribution system. This system has certain requirements, namely a minimum output of 3kW.What is included in the island system?The island system is not connected to the distribution system of the power supplier. Therefore, it includes a single-phase inverter, a powerful battery, a control module, and an electric meter.How long is the return on investment in solar panels?The return on the investment varies according to the type of the panel and the life in the household. It is generally recommended to consume at least 70% of the electricity produced. The return on investment then ranges from 4 to 8 years.What is the produced electricity most often used for?The electricity generated by the photovoltaic system is primarily used for the consumption in the house or in the garden construction itself. If there is no consumption, the energy can be used to heat water in the boiler or stored in the battery for future use.Which cardinal direction should a garden construction with solar panels face?The clear answer is the south side where you get the most power. South-east and south-west directions are not bad either, but you have to expect a loss of about 8%. We do not recommend the north side.

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