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SpecificationsTechnical information

SteamOne Unilys steam ironing system

SteamOne Unilys steam ironing system with soft touch finish, irons steaming method, which is for clothing materials and gentler than conventional irons. Steam Cleaning SteamOne with an output of 2000 W iron material faster and saves space, steaming clothes proceeds without ironing board directly on a hanger. With just a few strokes perfectly ironed and delicate fabrics and is a great solution to remove wrinkles from all kinds of materials. SteamOne is ready to use in just 1 minute and is equipped with a water tank of 1.2 liters. Steam system removes odors and disinfects. SteamOne Unilys model is manufactured in France. SteamOne best for your clothes.

  • Steam ironing system for clothing
  • Ready in just 1 minute
  • Two performances couples
  • Steam output 42 g / min.
  • 2000 watts
  • Stainless steel steaming surface
  • Removable water tank 1.2 l
  • Anti-calc system
  • Quality aluminum boiler
  • Soft touch surface
  • Wheels for easy handling
  • Automatic shut-off when lack of water in the reservoir
  • Telescopic pole with rod and a set of accessories
  • Ultra slim design (only 16 cm)

Friendlier and faster ironing

Steam SteamOne system is the most economical and fastest way of ironing. Steamer steam generated penetrates through the fabric, which quickly ironed without damaging and does not create any reflections on clothing as a classic iron. SteamOne quickly prepared and ironing of clothes right on the hanger without ironing board. Steam temperature 98 ° C also removes odors and disinfect.

technology SteamOne

  • Aluminum boiler water heated up to 150 ° C for 1 minute
  • System without the use of pumps
  • Continuous steam output 42 g / min
  • Stainless steel soleplate maintains a constant temperature

SteamOne perfectly ironed

Steam SteamOne system is a great solution for ironing all types of clothing. Perfectly ironed with just a few strokes pants, shirts, jackets, suits, shirts, blouses, dresses, coats and more. Quickly aligned folds on the finest and most difficult areas such as clothing. U collar shirts and blouses.

Offsets and revive any substance

Do you find that you need to quickly outfit that is wrinkled? There is nothing easier than to revive him using a steamer clothing SteamOne. Perfectly aligned and revive any substance and materials such as muslin, silk, lace, linen, wool, cotton.

Multilateral domestic use

SteamOne has multiple uses in the home. Revives and iron curtains and tablecloths, removes odors from cigarettes and destroy bacteria. Steam can be disinfected and even cover sofas, plush toys, rugs and more.

Anti-Calc system

Steam Cleaning SteamOne uses anti-calc system of regular flushing that minimizes the limescale. For steaming, it is possible to use tap water.

easy handling

Handling Steam Cleaning SteamOne facilitate wheel. Ergonomic handle with a rich set of accessories for perfect ironing clothes.

mark SteamOne

SteamOne is a French company founded in 1999. It specializes in the development and manufacture of steam ironing systems for home and professional use. SteamOne products are designed with regard to quality and design.

Package Contents SteamOne Unilys:

  • 1x clothes steamer SteamOne Unilys
  • 1x telescopic rod
  • 1x steam hose
  • 1x ironing head
  • 1x special hanger
  • 1 clip for clothing tension
  • 1x holder ironing head
  • 1x brush to remove dust / Clip
  • 1x protective gloves
  • 1x mini pad
  • 1x instruction

Technical specifications:

  • Model: SteamOne Unilys
  • Color: black with soft touch finish
  • Dimensions: 290 x 360 x 160 mm
  • Supply cable: 2.5 m
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Performance: up to 2000W
  • Setting pairs: two pairs of outputs
  • Steam: 42 g / min.
  • Steam temperature: 98 ° C
  • The volume of the water tank: 1.2 liters
  • Anti-calc system
  • The speed of warming: just 1 minute
  • Stainless steel steaming surface
  • Recommended for home and semi-professional use

EAN: 3707346018641

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