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SpecificationsTechnical information

Touchless bin for waste Helpmation OVAL L 2X40 (GNTB 80-4R)

Touchless trash for recycling Helpmation OVAL series with an infrared sensor offers hygienic waste disposal. Applying hand 20 cm above the infrared sensor of the hopper lid automatically opens very quietly. After inserting waste lid closes itself. Trash Helpmation their high quality workmanship, efficient operation and silent system for opening and closing the lid. Touchless trash for recycling Helpmation is divided into two parts, which will help in sorting waste. Volume 2 x 40 l (two separate bags).

  • 100% touch-free operation reduces the incidence of bacteria
  • Basket made of matt stainless steel
  • FingerPrint proof anti-fingerprint
  • Possibility of manual opening keys
  • Quiet opening and closing of the lid
  • Lid controlled by a patented chip Helpmation
  • 2x locking ring to secure garbage bag
  • Easy replacement garbage bag
  • Lid made of ABS plastic
  • Very low power consumption
  • Operation bins for batteries / Adapter
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 72.5 x 46 x 35.5 cm
  • A volume of 80 liters (2 x 40 liters)

Touchless trash Helpmation GNTB 80-4R

Touchless trash can control ensures maximum hygiene and ease of use. You have your hands full of garbage, trash lid automatically opens and closes after throwing well. This system is very hygienic and ensure a reduction of bacteria.

Opening and closing the basket Helpmation is controlled by a computer chip. Outside automatic opening can be used when needed and manual lid opening Trash buttons.

Advantages baskets Helpmation

Durable construction Helpmation baskets from stainless steel modern appearance, easy cleaning, corrosion protection. High-quality materials guarantee long-term use.

Power wastebasket is secured by three pieces of batteries type LR20 / D, which lasts perform its function at least 12 months.

Touchless Trash Helpmation thanks to modern design and non-contact design fits in home, office, doctor's office, hospital, salon, restaurant, guesthouse or hotel.


  • Model OVAL DZT80-4R
  • A volume of 80 liters (2 x 40 liters)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 72.5 x 46 x 35.5 cm
  • Height with the lid open 97 cm
  • Powered by 3 x LR20 battery type / D (1.5 V) / V Adapter 4.5
  • (Batteries and adapter not included)
  • Colour matt stainless steel / black

EAN: 8594072210266

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