Magazín6 tips for how to solve the poolside

The pool first, with border

You build a swimming pool? Here are some tips on adjusting its surroundings.


1. The pool first, with border

If you have chosen to pool garden edging, you can, thanks to its design utilizes a wide range of materials around the pool, which podsunete under the edge of the pool, creating a natural look. For the pool area you can use wood or tiled floors. For example, modern materials stone carpet or wood composite. When selecting material, concentrate on your taste and financial possibilities. The material should be hardy and with the possibility of reducing the risk of slipping at the pool.

2. Surrounding the second pool with a sliding roof

To have a lap pool with a sliding roof? The selected material will be installed on board of reinforced concrete. Subsequently they will be installed on selected material around. Anti-slip flooring must be safe and must also be consistent with the surroundings. The floor of the pool must be resistant to alternating temperatures, sun, rain, frost and other influences. Modern tiles with anti-slip finish is easy to mount.

3. Modification of the interior walls of the pool

The walls of the pool, which we placed in the conservatory are exposed to high humidity due to water evaporation. Choose high-performance materials such as exotic wood or natural stone.

4. Editing using lawn

Among the less expensive and least expensive solution involves modification of the lawn with a swimming pool. The downside is that the close proximity of the lawn by the pool pollutes the water. In frequent overwatering the lawn may change in the marsh area. This problem arises frequently in ground pool.

5. Wooden terrace

Wooden terrace surrounding the pool will look very esteticly. If you get real wood, you must be regularly maintained. When choosing wood composite or other composite materials will fall to worry about maintenance.

6. Floor Tiles

If pave poolside, peace of mind with grass in the pool, you do not cut the trees plants. You can choose interlocking tiles, natural stone, stamped concrete, travertine, bricks, stones, ceramic tiles.