Magazín9 reasons to buy aluminum pergola

Thinking about your own pergola? 9 We know the reasons for the purchase of aluminum instead of wood pergolas.

Thinking about your own pergola? 9 We know the reasons for the purchase of aluminum instead of wood pergolas.

Good availability and low price

The aluminum profiles are widely used not only in the construction of pergolas, because they are affordable and available in many varieties, the result is because aluminum pergola generally cheaper and also design and structurally diverse because they allow for greater customization.

Minimum maintenance

Forget that your pergola had to be regularly painted, treated or otherwise maintain. Aluminium pergolas are weather resistant and virtually maintenance free.

Easy cleaning

It is after all just need a pergola clean and give her the perfect look again? Cleaning is very simple. Normally, you need to provide cleaner aluminum, or just water with very aggressive detergent and pressure hose / cleaner.

Long life

Aluminum is among the long life materials. So if you invest even in cheap aluminum pergola with modular design for self-assembly, you still have the certainty that you last used and will retain an attractive appearance for decades.

Weather resistance

Aluminum playfully resists rain, snow, wind, the sun, but low temperatures. He accepts basically any weather, ie a material with high resistance, said result is durable and long lasting attractive appearance.

Great looks

No matter what style is your house built, aluminum pergola is a perfect fit for everyone. It can be said that has virtually universal, yet eye-catching look that fits to any style. This is mainly due aluminum itself, but they can be using different paints and edit, hence the change and thus better adapted around the pergola.

Easy and fast construction

Whether you choose your company or choose to build the pergola yourself, individual aluminum profiles and other parts are easy to assemble and build a patio. Said pergola kits in addition to already assembled in an afternoon.

Possibility of combination with other materials

Aluminum help that is readily combinable with other materials. Not only is it possible to combine them within the construction itself - perhaps in conjunction with wooden floor or plastic roof, but in itself seems to aluminum in combination with other materials, like real wood, brick pillars and modern polycarbonate roofing nicely.

Wider selection

Compared with pergolas of wood to the aluminum pergolas much greater degree of customization, thus creating more engaging and better design solutions. Standardized aluminum pergolas are then available in dozens of sizes, with a broader range of editing options appearance of color design, type of roofing to accessories.