MagazínAdvantages and use of WPC floor

If you are dealing with, for example, a new patio, you will probably already heard about WPC floor. What are the main uses and advantages?

If you are dealing with, for example, a new patio, you will probably already heard about WPC floor. What are the main uses and advantages?

This is an interesting and modern material. A shortcut is woodplastic composite WPC (wood-plastic composite, a mixture of wood and polymer quality HDPE). Thanks to properly selected ratio of both components WPC flooring can boast a number of positive properties.


Where the WPC flooring fits most?

WPC flooring is ideal for outdoor use, ie on terraces, pavilions and pergolas - especially in the US, for years on the most commonly used material used on the terraces of high-end restaurants and hotels.

But so it can be used on the simple garden paths, such as lining the stairs, the floor around the pool and the like.

Now let's see why.

Resistance is the commonplace

When listing the positive qualities we must surely forget the overall resistance, which bring WPC floor. They resist rain, snow and other weather vagaries. They can also be part of the neighborhood pools, as well as resistant to salt and chlorinated water.

When listing the positives that are associated with resistance, not forgetting also the fact that the material you easily withstands also decaying fungi, as well as rot, or different insects that threaten the classic wood.


Maintenance can handle any

If you choose classic timber is regularly need to apply coatings to extend the life and ensure the continued quality and appearance. WPC flooring none of that need. Nevertheless retain their color stability, durability, as well as the quality and shape. Regarding the cleaning itself, sufficient and strong stream of water or conventional cleaning agents that are commonly used in their households (but it depends from the manufacturer and the specific type of floor). Even so that surpass a number of other materials.

Splendid and elegant appearance does not disappoint anyone

Although it is a combination of wood and plastic, there is no reason to fear that this type of flooring you in any way disappointed after the appearance. Exactly opposite. The attraction is mainly natural wood appearance that makes this type of flooring at first glance virtually indistinguishable from classic wooden floors. His appearance retains many years.

Special safe surface

WPC floors have also, at least on one side, non-slip surface, walking on them is safe even when wet, which is also another reason why they are used around the already mentioned pools.

Concerns may not have even any of shavings, allowing you to this floor can feel free to play and children, as well as it can play a common domestic animals. And all this is a natural material properties which, for safety does not need any additional nurse, or edited.

Go green

Positive conclusion, which will please all lovers of nature. WPC flooring good leading manufacturers are organic. Production of WPC flooring in fact may be implemented using purely recyclable materials, thus there is no need to fear that any disposal was associated with a negative impact on nature. The opposite is true.