MagazínAutumn decoration in flower box

Production autumn flower box does not last long. Bring a piece of nature into your home or on the patio!

If you're willing to invest in autumnal decorations, visit the florist and buy one or more of conifers, heather and ornamental cabbage. Other suitable accessories are mainly small ornamental pumpkins, dried flowers and fruits.

Dekorace do podzimního truhlíku - okrasné dýně Dekorace do podzimního truhlíku - sušené plody Dekorace do podzimního truhlíku

But it is also free: Collect pine cones and colorful leaves, cut the branches of conifers in the forest or in the garden, twigs, rose hips and ornamental cotoneaster berries, bark and collect beautiful stones. Believe that especially children will be thrilled by this activity directly.

The ideal is a combination of both: take a walk in nature and raw materials gathered for the pieces together what you are missing..

How to make the autumnal box for a few minutes?

The actual implementation of the autumn flower box really does not take long and you can involve your children.

Konifery do podzimního truhlíkuFirst insert the plants - conifers, heathers, ornamental cabbage …

Then add more decoration to suit your fantasy.

Dekorace do podzimního truhlíku - suché listí   Dekorace do podzimního truhlíku - kůra

Dekorace do podzimního truhlíku - šišky   Dekorace do podzimního truhlíku - šípky
Podzimní truhlíkRemember that if you chose the option with live plants, you need to box from time to time watering.

Rapid transformation summer flower box for autumn

Flowering annuals are unfortunately only seasonal plants and sooner or later wither. Maybe you also neglected to late summer watering, so it's time to exchange decoration. Hit your planter box or the like? Just rip dry plants, plant heather and complete decoration.

Letní květináč potřebuje regenerovat  Květináč po úpravě - podzimní dekorace