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Meet you at the garden garden heater? Check out the best selling radiant heaters and a fireplace, maybe you find the right heater for your garden.

Garden Heater adjustable + swivel hat

Garden heater with adjustable height of the joint and the flow direction of warm air. It is equipped with a pressure regulator and intake hose. Ideal for any garden party.


Outdoor patio heater Rotanev

Stylish garden heater with an output of 10.5 kW, the power regulator and hose. With the help of which you can enjoy sitting outside in cold weather, even when you would otherwise wore a sweatshirt or second round were forced to quit the party. The wheels also allow for easy transfer.


Outdoor patio heater Subra

Garden radiant heater with power 5-8,3 kW (burner Eco-Plus), an adjustable column and wheels for easy moving from one place to another.


Radiant heater Rondo

Tastefully and practically designed garden brazier with power 4,9kW created for cold days and nights pleasant warmth that allow enjoy sitting outside with friends a little longer. The size of the flame is adjustable and large reflector efeltivně spreads warmth to the surroundings. The gas bottle is also elegantly concealed in the base and integrated wheels easy to move.


Portable garden fireplace Pyxis

Nice and simple-looking garden fireplace suitable for patio, balcony or anywhere else, is easily moved. The firebox is placed high enough above the ground, so there is no damage. Campfire is advisable not only as a simple source of heat and light for cold evenings in the garden, but also for classic grilling sausages on the grill or barbecue.

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