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You do not know which pergola from our menu choose? Here are some tips on the most desirable models.

Aluminum pergola series Tuscany

Aluminum pergola with polycarbonate, which can handle assemble yourself. Available in white structure in kednom typzovaných of three dimensions. With EZ line it is possible to connect several pergolas to the assembly and thus achieve greater length.


Aluminum pergola series KC

Design aluminum pergola with an attractive and durable covering made of polycarbonate. Available in up to 4 colors - silver, brown, gray or black. Available on 30 standardized dimensions. TÜV certified.


Aluminum pergola kits

Elegant modular pergola made of aluminum with a polycarbonate roof fitted with eaves. Pergola easily assemble yourself, it is available in 3 sizes and white or gray.


Aluminum pergola design MLR


Design aluminum pergola with a flat roof, in which you can choose before assembling the direction of the slope on the left / right or right / left. Equipped with polycarbonate roofing. Choice of four colors and three dimensional structure.


Wooden pergola made of laminated wood arch

Elegant pergola made of laminated wood with an arched roof with polycarbonate roofing. Available in many sizes, with a choice of up to four shades of roofing and 12 colors construction.


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