MagazínCordless helpers in the garden

Cordless tools and machines are increasingly used also in gardens.

Cordless tools and machines are increasingly used also in gardens.

Aides to the torch

Cordless drill consider today to be completely obvious, so why not use tools on the batteries in the garden? With the right kind of do not worry about poor performance. Advanced lithium batteries and brushless motors can do the same job as a petrol technology. There eliminated noise, fumes and to charge articles will suffice 230 V. Other advantages are ease of operation and low weight, but also lower purchase price.

Electricity instead of gasoline

High-capacity battery gives the same energy as a tank of gasoline. Quality chargers can handle the battery recharged very quickly. If you have two batteries, you can easily supplement. After discharging the battery charge and put it into a hedge trimmer with a battery motor deploy fully charged.

Simple operation

Garden equipment for battery drive, for example vacuum cleaners are very simple to use. Aku machine is very light, with only minimal vibration and easy operation. You do not get at work or watch cable enough petrol in the tank. Lithium batteries have a high capacity. A push of a button, you can turn the machine on and off.

The minimum cost

Refueling four-stroke engines is quite time consuming, and we must take into account the financial aspects. While batteries have a long life. You do not need to replace them as often. Garden equipment with a combustion engine is also costly. The acquisition price for cordless tools is higher, but the final.
You have no other expenses. Cordless tools is also due to the possibility of reducing speed much quieter and does not wear out as quickly. You do not worry, for example, that pour into oil or techniques bad gasoline. With battery technology, moreover, they are not afraid to work or women. You thus part of its responsibilities easier to distribute.