MagazínEntrance canopies are practical and elegant at the same time

Thinking about taking entrance canopies, which gives entrance to your house a new face, but you still need to protect them from the rain while promoknutím hunt keys out of his pocket? We have for you a quick overview of the types of incoming roofs and advice on what to look for when choosing.

Considering the purchase of entrance canopy, which gives entrance to your home a new face, but you still need to protect them from getting wet in the rain while looking for the keys out of your pocket? Read this quick overview of the types of entrance canopies and advice on what to look for before buying.

Above all, you should style entrance canopy adapt on architecture and purpose of the construction itself. Another type is suitable for house and another for entrance to store or office building.

On that basis, you should choose the size, shape, material your new entrance canopy. Polycarbonate entrance canopies are the most versatile in this regard. They excel because modern design and exceptional durability, they are also maintenance-free and for affordable price for everyone.

What types of entrance canopies we offer?

Cheap Entrance Canopies

Canopies over the entrance door with a price of about £ 100 or less, that is affordable to all. With a modern but a simpler design. A suitable solution especially if you're looking for the best price-performance ratio.

Design Entrance Canopies

In this category, we offer especially polycarbonate canopies at various price levels, whose main advantage is that in addition to high quality also extremely attractive design. Therefore, it is suitable not only for the entrance to the house, but also firms and many other objects, which give a presentable appearance.

Also available in a version that allows connection of several pieces in the assembly forming an arbitrarily long covered area.

Big Entrance Canopies

Again, almost exclusively polycarbonate entrance canopies with an attractive design than other models but have a considerably larger dimensions and self-supporting structures, which directly determines the use of shopping centers, restaurants or hotels, office buildings…

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