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Do you have a pool at home? Do not forget about the regular maintenance.

Do you have a pool at home? Do not forget about the regular maintenance.


Putting into operation the pool

Before you start to fill the pool, it needs to be, especially after the winter, cleaned of impurities. Proper cleaning of the pool easier for you later when the water treatment. Also check the filter and measure the pH of water. Make chlorination, which is absolutely necessary.

Care pool

Pool in the garden is not without proper care. Only thus will not swim in green water. Due to worries about the pool there is no destruction of the film. Check for proper water filtration, if disturbed, bathing it will not be pleasant. During the swimming season, swimming pool appear on the walls of various impurities are deposited at the level of the water level. Continuously you can be deleted using the pool cleaner.

Removal of coarse dirt

All living organisms dirt, because dirt on the bottom of the pool as sand, stones and rotten leaves, remove sweeping or suction. Floating debris select using the filters. Along with the pool should also acquire equipment for its maintenance. They will also help tarpaulins.

Maintenance of the pool using swimming pool chemicals

Pool water regularly disinfect that it not create germs. This also applies to aboveground pools. Use chlorine preparations which are in the form of chlorine granulate or tablet. If you are in the pool bite eyes, paradoxically, the point is that you have used a little chlorine. The chlorine granules and tablets destroyed bacteria and algae.
For cleaning the pool you can use all sorts of swimming pool cleaners, products removing rust and scale, to prevent the accumulation of dirt on the pool walls. You can also buy products for the maintenance of the pool liner. If the pool zazimujete well, spring saving you the effort. The water level just cut a few centimeters, it is necessary to disconnect all the equipment and hoses. Then just pool for winter cover tarpaulin.