MagazínHow can you build a a conservatory yourself?

There are two options - one cheaper, but challenging and the other quick and easy. Which is better? Read more.

There are two options - one cheaper, but challenging and the other quick and easy.

Either the whole winter garden will design and build from scratch yourself, which is challenging both the preparation and the implementation itself. Building your own, you can lose the long weeks of precious time that you might otherwise spend more pleasant activities. At the same time the result may not be able to your liking.

Or opt for a variant in the form of modular conservatory, a solution with Which we can build a conservatory by yourself in just a single day. Without complex programming, looking for material, only a basic set of tools. An ideal choice for any enthusiast who does not want to waste time, but Rather begin to enjoy the benefits and convenience of Their Own Winter Garden Almost immediately.

On Hobbytec you find these modular winter gardens:



Modern winter garden our own brand One Trade, available in 6 sizes. It has an aluminum frame, wall panels made of transparent acrylic practical revolving door. More information in the product description.

San Francisco/Phoenix


Two series of conservatories brand OneTrade, also with high-quality aluminum construction, hinged doors and translucent acrylic panels. The model is offered in Phoenix and San Fracisco six straight in 8 sizes. Both models feature a larger footprint than Omaha.




Aluminum conservatory with glass excels eye-catching design. Side walls disposed in an aluminum frame, the sliding / openable. Space conservatory so you can easily open and close depending on how you're comfortable with. There is a choice of five sizes and several color variants structures, roof coatings and laminates.
More information in the product description



Elegant modular winter garden with a robust structure made of anodized aluminum and galvanized steel deliver a simple, modern design and tuned surprised by the simplicity of the whole assembly, by the optional roof pitch. It is equipped with acrylic panels and sliding doors, available in gray and white colors.
More information in the product description