MagazínHow cheaply build a garage

To protect your car from weather, vandalism, or other risks? Then you can throw the introduction of various ways to cheaply build a garage.

To protect your car from weather, vandalism, or other risks? Then you can throw the introduction of various ways to cheaply build a garage.

Garage today can take several forms, which is definitely a plus for anyone who wants to have a car, but even quad bike or motorcycle safely, and at the same time does not want to do the actual construction spending more money than is absolutely necessary.

Classical building near the house

Start is classic. Garage at the family home. This can be solved as a brick outbuilding, but also a garage in the cellar. In both cases the foundation masonry construction. During construction we can not do without enough material, masons, supervision and approval of course. It is more than clear that this path is one of the most challenging and financially very costly. Therefore also we introduce a simpler solution garages.

How cheaply build a garage? Try mounted solutions

Here we come to a variant of which we can say that it is not only quite simple, but also affordable. The purchase price can start at an amount slightly in excess of $ 400. Prefabricated garages are unique in that they are easy to install and are mobile. Most often they consist of several plates that form the perimeter walls, the roof, as well as entrance gates. You can choose classic should be galvanized sheet steel, various colors, many sizes, as well as various mechanisms for opening. Quite simply it is up to everyone to finish what specifically chooses.


Try and garages tarpaulin

A great solution for those looking mainly unassuming building that can be done to finish the Self already within 90 minutes. And while protecting car or motorbike from the weather. Curtainsider garage usually consist of a steel prefabricated structure and the sheet which is not only stable, but also waterproof. Price tarpaulin garages for passenger cars will start at the amount of around 400. A garage for motorcycle or quad bike costs around around 300.

And hit the concrete garages

Looking for really high-end solution at an affordable price? Then you would be interested in concrete garages, which are made of concrete modules, also used in the construction of houses or offices. It is therefore a ready-made solution that is brought into place by crane and fitted into place. Subsequently mounted garage door or a window, equip accessories and you're done. There is a whole range of sizes and shapes, by combining two modules so simply give the garage, which can consist of one common space with one or separate entrances. Alternatively, completely separated into two separate garages.
In addition, the garage can be fitted with plaster, so they look like brick, or even thermal insulation, which is ideal especially if a direct connection to the house. The acquisition cost of concrete garages, then it starts at  4,000 thus acceptable to third the cost of building garages.