MagazínHow to build a a conservatory

Thinking about building conservatories? We advise you how to build a conservatory on what to watch and what are the possibilities of realization.

Conservatories, roof terrace, porch. Who has a penchant for growing various plants or cacti will appreciate the room in which the plants will flourish. If you do not have enough space for flowers in the apartment, you can piece of nature situate in the winter garden and create a welcoming environment for many other activities, such as relaxing over a coffee or a book, sitting with friends, transplanting flowers, children play in rainy weather - they will almost out, but under the roof and the wind.

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Multiple functions

Winter Garden performs multiple functions. Serve for overwintering plants, which in summer can be outdoors. The glassed-in room was attached to the house also has the task to mediate contact between man and nature. Can be used to enjoy sitting in the coffee, you can equip it with furniture abroad. In addition to the winter garden can dwell flowers and some pets that there may have lair.

Conservatory or pergola

You do not have enough space at home, you built a pergola and a winter garden? Why not use the conservatory as a pergola? Just buy a winter garden of sufficient size in order to hold the necessary dining set of garden furniture, and select the appropriate type of shading. It is also good to choose a sliding wall to allow the conservatory as open as possible.

Winter Garden extends the living space of the house. It works aesthetically and out. Since its glass walls, is seen on greenery inside, which works very well on every passerby.
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How to choose

There are two basic types of conservatories - seasonal and perennial. On the basis of this determination it is necessary to choose the type of conservatory and its equipment. The ideal is a glass room to situate the southwest. But it can stand on the other side of the world, but should always be taken into account when choosing glazing, shading and ventilation.

Winter gardens situated to the north are cooler, more shadowy, is the appropriate use of thermo-insulating glass. On the south side will have to focus more on the possibility of ventilation, ideally in the roof area, since warm air rises upwards. East-facing conservatory will be illuminated and warmed the morning, directed to the west will have enough light and heat in the afternoon; You can therefore take account of the fact that the time of day you are in the conservatory spend the most time.

If the winter garden actually perform all the functions, it is advisable to arrange a perennial, therefore, with heating. Seasonal winter garden without heating becomes more like a glassed-in porch because in winter the indoor temperature is close to zero.

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Custom solution or build yourself?

Furthermore, the conservatory is divided into modular and custom. Modular conservatories are cheaper roofing custom, however, can the ideal way to address the specific situation with regard to individual circumstances, whether in terms of terrain roughness, choice of roofing, connecting lighting and heating, etc. If you have a limited financial budget, choose between cheap winter gardens.