MagazínHow to build a carport

You can not have your car in the garage and you want easily, quickly and inexpensively build a carport? Read more.

You can not have your car in the garage and you want easily, quickly and inexpensively build a carport?

Basically, you just select the material you prefer, determine the dimensions to fit your car. You will receive essentially the kit, which you correctly assemble and install.

TIP: If you have a small car, consider building a shelter under which you can fit at least midsize car; there is always the possibility that you might buy a bigger car.

Reasons to choose carport instead of a garage

  • Low price
  • Fast assembly
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Easier and more comfortable parking
  • Car protection against corrosion - faster drying time
  • The ability to quickly leave without delay the closing of the gate
Dřevěný přístřešek na auto Hobbytec

Covered parking slot ready for the weekend

Carport protects your car against - wind, rain, snow or hails. And also protects against sun and sunlight; to prevent overheating of the car interior and paint damage. So you do not need to turn on air conditioning before leaving.

TIP: Placing the carport to the wall you get space protected on one side. Plus you can then use carport as pergola.

Selection of material: wood or aluminum?

Wood is a timeless material, but requires regular care. Aluminum carport are cheaper, easier to assemble and have a design that fits almost anywhere. Material selection therefore rather depends on what you prefer.

Carport for 2 cars

It is not unusual that every adult in the household has a car. So if you need a carport for two cars, you can choose from several options. You can build one large carport, or combine the two of them together.

Hliníkový přístřešek na auto Hobbytec  Hliníkový přístřešek pro 2 auta

So, how to build a carport?

Select the type of DIY carport in our store, wait for delivery, and then reassemble all the instructions included in the box. Step by stem instructions below:
  • First, it is important to choose the right place and re-measure everything (but you've certainly done before the order). Entry under carport should be simple and should give no problem to open the car door.
  • First stop supporting columns. In most cases, you need to place them sufficiently deep into the ground (less than 60 cm) or cement them.
  • Attach the uprights and beams of the roof to complete the basic design. Then, the roof structure is mounted, on which will hold the roof covering - the most suitable are polycarbonate. They are popular for their permanent properties, resistance to weathering and modern look.
  • Finally, it's time to roof covering. Remember for sealing all joints in the connecting points - between the polycarbonate panels and joints along the wall when the awning is located at the house. Install gutters and may well start to rain.