MagazínHow to build a cheap house

You plan to own housing and sought primarily to affordability? Let's look at the possibilities of how to build a cheap house.

You plan to own housing and sought primarily to affordability? Let's look at the possibilities of how to build a cheap house.

Own housing need not necessarily be associated only with the classic brick structure, whose construction is time consuming and costly, even if the single-family house with smaller dimensions. Especially if the building completely entrust the construction company, which is in many cases a necessity. And if you think that a house build from scratch themselves, with the help of family and friends, save perhaps for work, which usually constitute the largest item, but the material you need to buy anyway. Not always succeed at a bargain price, or the necessary quality and quantity.

As a result, as compared to the construction plan, stretches and disproportionately expensive - so the savings are minimal or non-existent. While options to build a cheap house, are several.

Prefabricated wooden buildings - proven way to build a cheap house

The advantage of prefabricated wooden houses the rapid realization that although the rules of the company performs, but so are available on the market prefabricated wooden houses for self-assembly. Cost will range from 12 000 to 30 000. Larger insulated wooden buildings for year-round housing area of 100 square meters, then take no for an amount of 50,000

What are your options in this regard?

The wooden skeleton

It is a variant, when the on-site construction manufactured wooden frames, and of two layers - the inner and outer. Among these layers come insulation the frames are then assembled so as to give the whole house. The advantage of this solution, in addition to the speed and simplicity of construction and low price.

Often you some construction, especially those preparatory, realize themselves and thus still save something.

sandwich panels

A similar solution as in the previous case. Like the construction process, as well as there is mounting individual panels. With specifications from the manufacturer or from yourself. Again, that house can become in a few days. The advantage that can affect the properties of the sandwich panel and therefore how many will therefore become a meter and therefore the resulting structure.

laminated wood

Another way to build a cheap house. Whereas in previous cases are used in different types and layers of wooden materials, there is used raw wood. Although more expensive, we can still talk about the fact that the building will be financially advantageous than the classic brick building. Thanks to a better quality of implementation can appreciate better the resulting properties.

The wooden frame

How to build a cheap house that way? The basis is the skeleton of the house from wood - from the beams, which are sequentially mounted on different walls. Again, the positive rate is construction, as well as that when it can assist. The advantage is also that individual walls may be of different materials, not only related to the timber.

Mobile home as another inexpensive alternative to masonry construction

Even mobile home, and we do not mean Mobilheim, is a modern and cost-effective solution for house building. The current trend is modular buildings that:
  • They offer great variability
  • They reasonable price
  • It is in the future to expand

Now yearlong modules of mobile homes are a popular solution as a starter housing for young couples and families.