MagazínHow to build a cheap house

Building a house is not necessarily associated only with classical brick solution. If you want to know how to build a cheap house, we have a few tips.

Building a house is not necessarily associated only with classical brick solution. If you want to know how to build a cheap house, we have a few tips.
Many people think that building a house must necessarily be associated only with the use of brick and usually also lengthy and costly technological processes. The opposite is true, however, a way to build a cheap house, it can be much easier. The ideal solution is prefabricated wooden houses.

How to build a cheap house that way?

Prefabricated wooden houses can have several variants, which differ primarily only to the materials used, as well as technology development.

Construction of timber frame

It is one of the simplest solutions that matches not only the price but also the speed of the entire construction. Wooden scaffolds can be characterized as a wooden frame which uses two walls. The results, directly on site and subsequently successively assembled, thereby forming the building itself. With dvojstěnám it is also possible to use different types of insulating materials, such as:
  • blown insulation
  • mineral wool
If we talk about the possibilities of low-priced house, it must be said that this is what is most cost-effective solution. An example might be a house with a floor area of over 100 square meters, which take even less than 40,000 pounds.

Construction of sandwich panels

A second variant of prefabricated wooden buildings is associated with sandwich panels. It is also a process which is referred to as a panel wooden house. In either case, each sandwich panel is manufactured in the respective halls, to the construction site is delivered and that it is connected. The advantage of this solution is that it can be a home in few days.

Panels of laminated wood

This is an alternative to the above procedure. With the only difference that it is a panel of solid wood. They are then machined into the required size and then assembled. This solution is compared with two prior somewhat more expensive, but more durable.

Bodies wooden

It is a building using wooden structure using beams. In essence the position of the solid skeleton of the house to which they subsequently assembled individual wall panels thus. The advantage is that the beams can be added as a plate, and the glass, and as masonry.


Classic log cabin

The latest variant of prefabricated wooden houses takes the form of wooden houses. As this building made entirely of solid beams, it is also the most difficult financially. When compared to traditional masonry, it may be more cost effective.

The solution can also be a mobile home

Another way to build a cheap house is to buy a mobile home, we do not mean mobilheimy, but a full-fledged year-round modular houses. They are based on the classic mobile home, but look like a conventional brick building. The individual modules are connected to the desired assembly so that not only from disposal complies house everything classic brick. The advantage of this construction technology is also the possibility of future expansion.
Modular mobile home with a flat around 50 square meters, equivalent to medium sized tower blocks, then buy now for about 30,000 pounds. Due to the fact that the apartments in larger cities typically cost a similar amount, this is one of the main reasons for the popularity of mobile modular home is growing every year. Especially the starter housing for young couples.