MagazínHow to build a chicken coop

You do not know how to build a chicken coop? Read this article and find out what your options are.

Not only in the countryside but wherever there is available garden, it is possible to keep various useful animals. Perhaps chickens. They are inexpensive, do not require any special diet and sufficient for them to just a few square meters. A good foundation is run combined with a background in the form of a chicken coop that can be built soon in two ways.

Classic building

Time-consuming variant, more suited to a skilled master. And the construction of plain chicken coop plan should be, at least it is advisable to have an idea:
  • types of construction and fasteners
  • layout and design solutions
  • how much space you need
Furthermore, it must therefore not be missing skill, sufficient time and adequate tools. If the material and everything else you have, the perfect home, so you do not look for anything complicated may be the construction of chickens from scratch yourself financially advantageous. Otherwise, it can significantly expensive. Regardless of the amount of work that awaits you.

How to build a chicken coop for hens easily?

If, however, you need a chicken coop, but do not want to waste time, it is better for you to have ready-made solution. They do represent a way to build a chicken coop for chickens quickly and easily.
n this case, buy a chicken coop ready. Of course, not assembled, dismantled get him in the box. And the enclosed instructions it step by cork remains as a kit. Like furniture. In just a few tens of minutes so you have a chicken coop built and ready for use.

There are various options

Modular hen houses are available in versions for 2-3 pullets, but the whole flock. Thus, depending on your needs and possibilities, whether you prefer to bunk runs and backgrounds - interior wooden shelter and fencing. Entry of chickens in the egg collection is simple.