MagazínHow to build a polycarbonate garden Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is an invaluable tool in growing vegetables and flowers. It is better Greenhouses under polycarbonate or glass? Where to buy and how to build it?

Gardener, but neither cacti grower can not do without proper greenhouse. And how to build a greenhouse? There are several possibilities, but as the most financially and technically, it appears greenhouse made of polycarbonate sheets.

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Glass or polycarbonate?

Since the polycarbonate are much lighter than glass, can be the whole structure of the greenhouse drawn thinner profiled sheets. Polycarbonate also allows bending and thus can be bought and design interesting greenhouses. Stronger polycarbonate has improved thermal insulating properties, but require a thicker structure.

Simply choose from a menu of e-shops greenhouse that will suit your needs - cost, dimensions and appearance. The possibilities are really wide.

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Finding a suitable location for the greenhouse

Ridge of the greenhouse should be directed from south to north, to the morning and afternoon sun was supported by a longer side of the greenhouse and make solar energy is utilized to the maximum. The ideal is of course the plane, but if there is no other option, you can even build a greenhouse on a slope; but they will need landscaping.

Greenhouse should be free of obstructions (trees, buildings). But it is better to have a place in the shelter to protect it from the fierce wind. Should not stand near where children play (injury risk breaking ball, etc.). It is suitable locations near a source of water to watering as easy as possible. If the plan is too light or electric heating, do not forget the power supply. Also pay close enough attention to the selection of accessories, shelves and tables or irrigation trays.

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Greenhouse fundamentals

Greenhouse glass plates requires manufactured bases. The ideal is a concrete base, which will not only ensure the stability of the greenhouse, but also prevents access of unwanted visitors such as moles and voles. Greenhouses on the technical side usually require concrete foundations, that's up to you.

Doors and windows

When you choosing door, remember that they should be high enough to them straight through without cringing, and wide enough that you went through them with a wheel, because when replacing the soil, this method is most convenient.

The windows are important to ensure ventilation to plants inside overheat. If you are unable to attend the greenhouse each day, consider popups.


Construction DIY greenhouse takes about one day. If you use installation services vendor, has experienced technicians greenhouse built in approximately three hours.
  • First, you need to screw design windshield and join the ridge.
  • Furthermore we assemble other parts of the construction according to the enclosed instructions.
  • Finally fitted glass or polycarbonate panels.