MagazínHow to build a retaining wall

Looking for the best way to build a retaining wall? Check with us on possible approaches and solutions.

Looking for the best way to build a retaining wall? Check with us on possible approaches and solutions.

Retaining wall in the garden can be used immediately for several purposes. It can therefore be used primarily to maintain the steep terrain, but equally there can serve only as an aesthetic element or spatial divide between different parts of the garden.

These are the most common types of retaining walls:

  • Retaining wall with drainage
  • Sloping retaining wall
  • Detached retaining wall
Once you are clear about what specific type you build, it is necessary to define even what specific materials you use:

Try the classic Stones

The most basic solutions, especially popular due to the low purchase costs. The problem may be on the contrary the overall intensity of construction, an increased risk that over time begins to disintegrate or otherwise damage. On the other hand, these stones blend in perfectly with your garden and creates a natural and favorite part of the garden architecture. Using the retaining wall is therefore a matter of preference and the final plan.

Use modern fittings

The second option, which today offers are fitting. They can be made from different materials, in color variations and different shapes. Moreover, their advantage easy assembly thus realized retaining walls, namely simply fit together. As is the case with paving. Contrary to other variations, but the construction of a retaining wall made of blocks náočnější cost.

As we build a retaining wall? We recommend concrete

Especially within the finished concrete wall - panels that are available in various lengths and perhaps also in corner version. The biggest advantage is durability, low maintenance and the possibility of the realization of peace and relatively quick to assemble, respectively. casting wall. But besides the use garden includes the construction of roads, modification of river flows, parking lots and may also serve to build the storage of bulk materials ... Concrete retaining wall at the same time very well sound insulated and have virtually unlimited life. The casting is not necessary to use a crane and therefore can not generally realize you can build yourself.

Options is also formwork

Who has ever built the foundations of the house, that this procedure certainly need no reminding. This is a relatively efficient process. This is the concrete sections which are easily straighten themselves and thus form the basis, yet temporary wall. The subsequent process is now simple, because once you have finished foundation, which we advise you to solidify, I just simply mix the concrete and pour the inside of the structure. Once solidified the finished retaining wall.