MagazínHow to build a shed?

You need my garden facilities for tools, equipment and other things? Learn how to build a shed, and what options you have.

You need my garden facilities for tools, equipment and other things? Learn how to build a shed, and what options you have.

Shed is now required of many gardens where it serves as a useful storage space for tools and garden equipment or material. Everything that has its place and stay that are everywhere in the garden, to ensure protection from the weather, prolong their life, while block or cell to prevent the possible theft of the contents of the shed ...

These are practical tips on how to build a shed simply:

Classical building

That still does not belong to a simpler solution. Besides the construction requires the preparation of a plan to find a suitable material, which will require hours or days of time. It is also the alternative of the garden house, so it should be the final shed-resistant, solid, safe not only in terms of statics ... Who will have enough time and above all experience, it should not be shed in the construction of a completely self-help rather run. Just because there are a number of simple solutions in adequate quality and at an affordable price.

How to build a shed made of sheet metal?

Now we come to a simpler options - building the shed of sheet metal. But not from the ground, but with the use of ready-made solutions designed to quickly and easily build yourself an hour or two. Another advantage is the low purchase price and a varied selection of models with smaller and larger sizes. Of course, in various colors, made of several types of plates, which are usually already in the production of treated against corrosion, so that they are maintenance-free and have a long life.

You can also try wood

Like the tin sheds, wooden sheds are available in kit form. With a higher price for it, however, more reminiscent of a classical garden house and in the event of choice for larger sizes do not necessarily serve only as a repository for equipment, but still as a small cottage garden. A number of them also appear at first glance. Garden therefore in this direction is more suitable.

Hit the canvas sheds

And finally, we kept the current hit, a tarpaulin shed. They usually consist of steel and the covering sheet, mostly of waterproof and thermally bonded polyethylene. Delight not only a very low cost, but also an installation that is normally a matter of 45-90 minutes. It is as fast as any disassembly, tarpaulin shed that allows fast transfer if needed. Alternatively safekeeping. Part of our customers also takes as a garage for motorcycle or lawn tractor.