MagazínHow to build a wooden cabin by yourself

Background for your garden is always important. If you do not have one for yourself or for tools Let's look at how to build wooden huts yourself.

Background for your garden is always important. If you do not have one for yourself or for tools Let's look at how to build wooden huts yourself.

The wooden cottage has several advantages and possibilities. Will serve as a place for relaxation, improvised kitchen to prepare food for the planned barbecue, but also a space for safekeeping of tools, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and other garden equipment needed.

So how to build a wooden cabin by yourself, with its own material?

Dřevěná zahradní chatka Essex 5x4mWe must say that this is not as simple as building a chicken coop or kennel for the dog.
The basis of the initial drawing of your future cottages and planning. Based on this you need to clarify the dimensions, the layout and the necessary type and quantity of material. You'll get the lightest wood, while for this purpose more than an hour, because it is durable, natural look blends in with the surrounding gardens and is useful not only for the construction of exterior walls as well as roof and floor.
You also can not do without tools, whether it's a hammer, saw, sander, and much more. Who has experience, he knows that he must begin with a solid foundation frame itself and should continue. Even here, however, problems may occur with stability, lifting capacity, but also static. You should count also with the fact that the whole building will require a lot of time.
Before construction starts, you should also be clear, if not for the building of your garden bungalows need a building permit.

How to build How to build wooden chalets easier?

To garden cottage, but to build yourself you are not comfortable or do not have time for it? Do not despair, you can exploit the opportunities of procuring modular garden cottages, which you get after ordering unfolded. Then you assembled by yourself within hours to days little as - depending on the size and type of cabin.

The advantage of this solution is therefore a significant saving of time and work involved, the whole process, how to build a garden cottage yourself because you transfer the attached instructions. You do not need complicated hunt for material construction to solve complications ... The only thing you need to clarify beforehand is where to place the cabin.

Choose from dozens of variants

There is a choice addition of dozens of models in a variety of sizes, made of pine, oak or spruce. It is up to you if you give more variant with paint or by natural design. There is also a cottage garden with a spacious terrace, which invites you to sit down, as well as models oriented more into a wooden garden house. Many of them, moreover, so affordable, so are practically the same money as cabin built entirely yourself.