MagazínHow to build an aluminum pergola

Pergola is now part of many houses. If you need advice on how to build an aluminum pergola, here are some tips.

Pergola is now part of many houses. If you need advice on how to build an aluminum pergola, here are some tips.
When talking about the construction of pergolas, are used by many people wood, which is indeed a quality building material, but certainly not the only one. The current hit is aluminum versus wood has had several advantages. These include high durability, low maintenance, low weight and favorable price. We will therefore primarily cover how to build an aluminum pergola.

How to build an aluminum pergola yourself?

Construction completely by yourself is one of the most difficult choices. Why? Mainly because it is first necessary to put together everything you need, what will be the actual construction needed - materials, tools, but also the construction plan. Plus you have to reckon with the need to devote full realization plenty of free time.
In addition to finding enough time can be a big problem fetch the material, rather than at a bargain price, but at the appropriate quality, which makes the resulting aluminum pergola have sufficient strength or stability. Likewise, it is necessary to resolve the individual joints, anchors into the building, but also the choice of suitable materials - in the case of aluminum pergolas are now amongst the most coveted polycarbonate, which is not only maintenance-free and practically unbreakable, but also attractive to look at.
To complete construction of self-help should therefore be run only by experienced handymen, well familiar with the risks and demands of such a realization.

How to build a pergola made of aluminum easily?

Hire a company. This variant can build yourself up to any preparatory work related. Design and construction of pergolas in this case is in the hands of professionals. To you it is usually only a selection of the type, size and location of the pergola. Everything else is in the hands of stockists. With which, although related to higher acquisition costs, but that you can be sure that you get quality aluminum pergola. Jobless.

Buy a pergola kit

Modular pergola represents a compromise between yourself and at peace. And in recent years, this solution is becoming increasingly popular. Again, choose between a self-standing pergola or to a wall of the house, size and design. You will then receive a pergola dismantled in several boxes and according to the instructions it simply had assembled for afternoon yourself, like furniture. Still can use their DIY skills and at the same time save a lot of worry, everything you need to assemble fact receive in one package.

  At the same time pergolas kits are comparably priced to build yourself from scratch.