MagazínHow to choose a grill?

Coal, gas or electric? If you want small or large? Simple or accessory?

Coal, gas or electric? If you want small or large? Simple or accessory?


The mobile garden grill

Grills sold today differ on what fuel, also the price, quality, and its implementation. The menu includes traditional charcoal grills, gas or electric grills. But the most popular are the traditional charcoal grills. The smell of burning wood just all love.
Gas and electric grills offer comfort during grilling. The meat cooks evenly, barbecue can safely control. If properly using the grill, the food is not well done enough. The selection process is also important to look back on the warranty. For truly high-quality grills you get a guarantee of several years. An integral part of the grill are different accessories. For example, utilities to help meat and vegetables from falling down the grate, Skewers, scoop with handle, grill needles and much more.
Classic charcoal grill must be refractory, with an internal stainless steel grate. Electric grill choose with lid output should be at least 2000 W. The gas grill should have two burners.


How to correctly use a charcoal grill?

Grilling precipitation occurs grilled food proteins on the surface. Pores quickly withdraw and conclude with food retains nutritional and flavoring. Food is necessary to continuously rotate. Between the coals and the food must be a distance of at least ten centimeters.
Observe the safety and never nepodpalujte grill with alcohol. Ordinary charcoal comfortably torch the solid firelighters. It also helps small fire of dry wood chips. When grilling fatty meat you will drip more fat and it burns in the grill. Then creates tumorigenic and other harmful substances.
Once the coals white rusty, you can start grilling. Do not use butter and lard, meat should be lean. Meat can conclude, for example, in aluminum foil.