MagazínHow to choose a pergola?

Do you have a house with a garden and need advice on how to choose a pergola? Read on.

Do you have a house with a garden and need advice on how to choose a pergola? Read on.

The size of the pergola is the basis

The first is the need to have a clear idea of ​​how big should be the new pergola.

When selecting dimensions, consider for what purpose, in addition to gathering with friends and family, a pergola serve, how many people would be below should fit comfortably. At the same time take into consideration the size of the space where you plan to place itself pergola.

How to choose a pergola by the material?

Another important question is material. An absolute leader in this direction for many years aluminum. Now aluminum pergola not only to attract attractive and modern look that blends in almost universally with any construction, but also offers long life and low maintenance. Therefore prefers a majority of our customers. The other option, of course, pergolas, especially preferred customers who prefer the natural appearance and materials.

When choosing you can also take into account the type used in roofing, currently the most widely used material for pergolas roofing is a polycarbonate / Lexan, which is durable, looks very nice and also requires virtually no maintenance. Lexan then look resembles glass. Equally, but in our e-shop Hobbytec find pergola with an all-metal or all-wood roof or pergola unsheltered.

As a floor under the pergola is most commonly used pavement, increasingly gaining in popularity also WPC flooring that visually look like wood, but compared to wood have many advantages.

Design and implementation

After the design of the pergola is also plenty to choose from. In our e-shop, therefore, you see how self pergolas that can be placed away from the house, but also a pergola to the house wall, anchored to the facade. Alternatively, pergolas shielding.

And, as mentioned above, available not only pergolas to measure, but also standardized solutions that are among the most demanded cheap pergolas from aluminum, which can be self-help assemble already in the afternoon - to choose from many sizes, colors and types of roof coverings, but also additional accessories in the form of sidewall shielding pergolas and the like.