MagazínHow to choose a pool

Looking for the pool in his garden? Not for summer comfort, so you can indulge yourself and the whole family. There are several types of pools to know them a lot?

Above the pool in his garden, I was thinking practically several years. Nepořídit or buy? Excavate or dig? It is not just about paying the cost, but also something worth various accessories and pool chemicals, which then has to buy time. Eventually, however, I discovered that even the chemistry and filtration is not so expensive and still it's worth more than the daily pay admission to the swimming pool. Nothing beats the comfort of home - sit down with beers to the pool and glancing eye on your children.

The basic types of pools:

  • Above-ground pools
  • Semi-recessed pools
  • Embedded pools

Above-ground swimming pool, various types

From the moment I decided to indulge in the luxury of having your own pool, I had to consider what kind of choice. Above ground pools are the cheapest and the time of their purchase after the first swim is the shortest. But not so durable as ground pools. I flirted with the idea to buy a sunken pool concreted and let him cover. Possibility to go for a swim in the colder weather... My wife, however, this high investment did not like it, so we decided on an above ground pool, which benefits us, we found more.

The advantages of above ground pools:

  • Lower price
  • Quick installation with no structural modifications terrain
  • Easy to remove the pool
  • Better security (children fall into the pool)

Types of aboveground pools

  • Inflatable pool
  • plastic pool
  • foil pool

Inflatable pools are the cheapest. They limited in size, so you swim in them really can not, but for small children are almost perfect with soft walls without edges, thereby avoiding the risk of injury. Just need to avoid contact with sharp objects pool or even animal claws. In winter can be deflated and harvest without any significant storage space. Foil pools are more stable compared to inflation.

Sheet metal structure is wrapped with a sheet of PVC. In case of mechanical damage of the foil can be replaced.

Plastic pools are somewhat more durable and have a longer life.

We selected above ground inflatable pool, which can be a few years removed easily, because I do not expect that when children grow up, we need to have your own pool in the garden.

Semi-grounded pools

Semi-groundedpools may mean for some middle way, but for me it means "neither fish nor fowl," which I have cast straight. Mainly installed on uneven terrain when the countersunk perhaps only part of the pool.

Full-grounded pools

Can be used by several kinds of material - sheet metal, fiberglass, plastic, foil and concrete. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, it is especially so, choose one that fits your financial possibilities, or which materials are you most congenial.

Summary of the basic priorities when choosing a pool:

  • It is necessary to consider how many people will use the pool and how often. Also, what to serve - a summer discard children, or the possibility of daily fitness swimming? For frequent use in the colder months are surely worth sunken pool, over which you can buy roofing.
  • Not underestimate the design - not in your garden some material causing undue impression? Above ground pools more "stuck" and can disrupt the overall look of the garden, sunken pools hide and act less violently.
  • It also depends on the terrain itself, gardens and access to it. It is necessary to find a place where you will be able to do as little landscaping.