MagazínHow to choose garden furniture

It is not over on the terrace or under the pergola. To fit you well, we advise you to choose a suitable garden furniture.

In the spring and summer months, when the long, warm evenings wants to speak, it is necessary to determine whether we have a functional and comfortable garden furniture. Nothing beats a nice outdoor seating area, whether the furniture you use only occasionally in the evening sitting with friends, or using it for practically the whole summer and during the day for serving food. Who has space on his land, why not spend the whole day in the fresh air?

What are your requirements for garden furniture?

  • Weathering resistance
  • Portability
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long life
  • Design
  • convenience
  • Practicality
  • Price
  • Set of wooden garden furniture
Set dřevěného zahradního nábytku

When choosing garden furniture must take into account several criteria:

  • Dimensions
  • Material
  • Purpose
  • Location, storage

Dimensions and location of garden furniture

Garden tables and chairs need to choose first by the space that you have available and the number of people who will use it. A small table is not practical for everyday lunching. It is suitable for smaller terraces or balconies for an afternoon siesta.

To covered terraces, pavilions and conservatories can buy furniture made of natural materials, such as water hyacinth, rattan, teak.

To covered terraces and pergolas below need a more rugged outdoor furniture that can withstand moisture. Although it directly does not rain, rain and temperature changes, it certainly works. Also, it clogs wind dust and pollen, and therefore think of how difficult the cleaning of furniture from these contaminants.

Under an open pergola or patio that is not protected from the rain, it is advisable to choose the most durable materials, such as high-quality plastic, artificial rattan and metal.

Material selection

Garden furniture can be plastic, metal, wood or rattan. It can be bought in sets - table and a number of chairs, or you can build a tailored buying individual pieces. Get your chair so much you use.

Plastic garden furniture

Plastic furniture has its particular advantages in low cost, but its lifespan is limited, when we talk about cheapest plastic. But the market is also plenty of garden furniture made of high quality plastic that can withstand frosts and snow. Another advantage of plastic is that it fits in damp areas and swimming pools, where it splashing water. Its low weight can be very useful when carrying and storage, but also it can very easily blow a strong wind, so consider this issue.

Metal garden furniture

Metal garden furniture is almost indestructible vice versa. Its solid construction is resistant against harsher treatment and weatherproof.

Wooden garden furniture

Wood is a classic wooden garden furniture out of fashion never goes out. But it is not maintenance-free, requiring occasional treatment and in winter it is advisable to keep at least under the roof.


Garden furniture made of artificial rattan

Ratan is very sought after and popular material. Today it is available on the market furniture from so-called synthetic rattan, which is very weather resistant and easy to wash.

Supplements do much

The garden furniture you can buy a few accessories, such as storage boxes and padding. Outdoor storage boxes are particularly suitable just for storage fabric seat cushions to get wet and soggy. Alternatively storage of children's toys and the like. The padding should be selected with regard to the shape of furniture. There are many different colors and patterns to outdoor dining and relaxation have been for you as possible.

For ultimate comfort they are suitable or reclining rocking chairs that can be used for a pleasant rest. As a complement to the chairs at larger gatherings, or to be placed anywhere in the garden is on the market also a wide range of garden benches.


Do not forget the kids!

Children's garden furniture will delight your kids, maybe more than the abundance of different toys. It has a very practical application - kids will be thanks to him feel important and will give them a better taste. Grown-up chairs and tables are not suitable for small children - after all, even at home they certainly are getting special feeding chair. Large furniture second, is not suitable for their healthy physical development, and also diverts their attention from food; by sitting them uncomfortable, they must constantly poposedávat the parents rather provoke a reprimand, and by no means pleasant dining can be no question.

Outdoors in the fresh air, which itself promotes appetite will therefore be invaluable importance of children's furniture. Arguments that children grow out of it soon, not in place. Children's garden furniture to children last few years, even with regard to their growth. Get Thus, garden furniture for kids and the party can begin!