MagazínHow to choose garden grill?

Die Grillsaison ist in vollem Gange. Wenn Sie den Kauf eines Grills denken, werden wir in seiner kurzen Auswahl geführt und empfehlen die entsprechende Art für Ihren Garten oder Terrasse.

Different types of grills - how to orientate

I give our charcoal grill happen. When I picked it, i had already been clear That I wanted to grill on charcoal. Electric grill, it did not, That is particularly Useful for people WHO pilloried in confined spaces or in winter. It again I'm not much, barbecues take it as a Purely seasonal affair and I do not need to tap the cold backyard Than ogriluje meat. I also say That I would not make it back so precious, if I did not have a winter break.

What to consider when choosing a grill

  • How many people will broil
  • How often used grill
  • Where will barbecue (in the garden, on the patio under a pergola ...)
  • How will the grill is stored
  • The maximum investment amount

Finnish grill, gas grill or grill with a smokehouse?

Other conveniences such as Finnish grill - I had no money. But if I had ... it looks very luxuriously and even to put them to boil in a pot. I do not like the gas from the essence, therefore, the gas grill out of the question. But again for those who did not want to wait until the grill is melted, it is an ideal option. Just press the button and meat preparation can start immediately. (Of course we also grill vegetables, but you know, meat is meat.)

I have considered the grill with a smokehouse. But naznal I think it already is again more concerned about how to prepare, so even with cleaning, so I after prolonged hesitation and internal challenges Mlsného language and your laziness remained at a coal grill. But the grill with a smokehouse, I would suggest, for example, those who organize frequent and numerous parties. When you meet more people, certainly appreciate the opportunity to choose what has just taste.

Chicken on the grill

But I digress. I wanted to write about our first almost summer barbecues. We opted for a chicken. Friend looked at first very skeptical. "That there let the whole chicken?" He wondered. Yes, sure. Already we have tested.


Due to the lid, which is provided with a grill, a whole chicken really beautifully baked and not dried. To even some the juice, we put the meat in a foil pan. Otherwise, collars, they also have a very happy, we're just at the very grating. (Slices of pork neck are straight ogrilovali too - for Sunday lunch came in handy. True, you already have a full stomach, then not paying much attention and we did a little singe ...)

Chicken enough in the course of about an hour and a half a few times slaw or rubbing oil mixed with spices. Juicy meat Tastes really everyone: adults, children and cats.