MagazínHow to clean the grill

Grilling is your great fondness? Then they will definitely come in handy practical advice on how to clean the grill.

Grilling is your great fondness? Then they will definitely come in handy practical advice on how to clean the grill.

When grilling is always necessary to maintain cleanliness. This, in particular, that this may take on the taste serves. Clean is necessary to keep not only all the necessary equipment, but the actual grill. And as for the cleaning?

Grate is the basic

Ideally, the grate cleaned every barbecue. Thus, at a time when there is still moisture and the traces of the meal goes from the surface to remove quite well. If you let them dry for a few days or weeks, it is more than clear that they will go down a lot worse. This is related to the re-use when virtually sealed at the surface of the grate. Depending on how the impurities are old, and depends on the type of cleaning devices:

  • simple wet cloth
  • various brushes and preparations
  • steel brush

Also clean the firebox

If you have a charcoal grill, it is also necessary to ashes after each use, empty. And because of that, except that the ashes may also include fat from food or food remnants fallen. When re-flooding can not only form carcinogenic substances, but there could also be unattractive smell. Therefore never nezatápějte the original old ashes.

If you have a gas grill, of course, it is space beneath the grate clean too. Even here naturally drip grease and food debris fall. There is generally easier cleaning the grill, as many modern grills allow different parts removed and cleaned.

Don't forget degreasing

Although this process is not necessary to perform after each grilling, but certainly not forget him. This is a general degreasing process. Thus, especially grilling surface. You can use either regular soap or special products. In both cases, but we must not forget the need to thoroughly rinse the area at that there remain residues of, preventing the seepage of appetite, thereby significantly eroding its flavor or to be inedible. and significantly impairs the taste. Rinse with clean drinking water.

Also clean the grill body

And grill itself, that is, his whole body should be cleaned, as well as here can turn out food debris, grease, or dirt from the air. Again, it is not always necessary to clean, can be used as the same compositions as well as various-purpose cleaners used in current home, which use also the total degreasing.